Was Peter Dinklage in Willow and No Holds Barred?

According to The Internet, Peter Dinklage was an extra in two movies-Willow and No Holds Barred. You’re probably wondering, when was Peter Dinklage in those movies? Well, he never confirmed he was in those movies but people think he played these two characters:

Now the guy in Willow (the one in the back with the perm) does look a lot like him but I kind’ve doubt it is him because Willow was filmed in the UK and Peter Dinklage lived in New Jersey when the movie was being filmed. Usually, background extras are from around the same town (or country) that the movie was filmed in. I have heard that some people have traveled to other states and countries to be extras in certain movies or TV shows but it’s rare.

However, considering midgets are not usually easy to come by, it’s possible that they looked for any midget in any country to agree to be extras in this movie. So let’s say they did that and Peter Dinklage (or his parents) somehow heard they were looking for midget extras to be in Willow (considering this movie came out before everyone was using the internet, I’m not sure how they would’ve heard of that, but I guess it could happen). Would they really spend thousands of dollars to go to an entirely different country just so he could be an extra in a movie (or would someone who was a college student at the time really spend thousands of dollars just to be an extra)? I mean, extras usually make minimum wage. Peter (or his parents) would be spending a lot of money just to make $100, or maybe a few hundred depending on how many days he worked on the movie. Again, they might’ve done this but it just seems like a waste of time to me, if they did. That being said, this means that it’s still possible that he was an extra in Willow but, if he was, he (or his parents) wasted a lot of money for no real reason.

When it comes to No Holds Barred, however, that’s obviously not him. I’ll admit that guy has his haircut and chin but otherwise looks nothing like him. I don’t really know how anyone could’ve made the mistake in thinking it was him. Plus, the movie was filmed in Georgia and, like I said before, he grew up in New Jersey. I’m sure they could find a midget in Georgia willing to be an extra in their movie. It might’ve taken them a while but I’m sure they eventually found someone. So, yeah, that’s not him.

In other words, while it’s a mystery whether or not Dinklage was in Willow (though I doubt it), that can’t possibly be him in No Holds Barred.

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