Unseen Joke

Never once was there a pain brought in joy,
gonna out of our way for some laughs,
give for how little the oldness it might be,
you had that moment of clear fun,
up and over on finding that new jive,
let there be a reason to find the fun,
you could be anything if you tried,
down where it counts it might sound impossible,
run away from the truth if you wish so,
around near the end of it all it will count for something,
and know in anything do something is a joke,
desert freely of how it long-lasting that won’t fade,
you are a new found being and in anything,
did it mean anything less now for near and dear,
you are a hero for many as it be,
see how you feel but know this,
it means once to you and others to try once,
and going up and beyond their means,
laugh on the lips that form a smile ready,
hard thing to forget when that is you.




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