TV Trash: ALF’s Animated Adventures

It’s time to show the greatest cartoon you may never have seen…

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    I know what I forgot. ‘Alftales’ reminds me a lot of Mr. Magoo’s Famous Adventures, where he ‘starred’ in various literary and movie classics.

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    Besides this show, you mentioned a phenomenon that has also vanished : The Fall Saturday Morning Preview Shows. They used to be productions unto themselves, like Alf Loves A Mystery and The Brady Bunch Visits ABC. Most were only ever shown once. Potential for a segment of their own?

  3. richb
    richb says:

    I am glad to say I was there when ALF began and loved it. Sadly I never really got into he animated series. I remember being excited when it came along but it just never held my interest. Maybe because it was so different. I always remembered how the week before the cartoon premiered they re-ran the original episode which was in many ways the pilot for the animated show since it showed us Melmac and some of the character. The cartoon was pretty good though Alf Tales was just stupid but that’s another story. At least this is one of the few animated spin off’s where the cartoon premise made perfect sense! And thank you for mentioned the Saturday morning preview special, I promise I was as hyped watching that as you were. Yes I agree that ALF does not get the respect it deserves for being the 80’s icon it was.

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