True Nature

How far are you willing to carry that burden on yourself,
for how yourself is like a little bunny lost in the plains,
so small and frail to the eyes around see you smothered in scare,
ready to run off to your little hidey-hole deep in the ground,
speed on what your tender legs will tread on further yet,
though you don’t know how close you are in dying right now,
as you little bunny do everything you can to get away from danger,
that of the foxes and wolves to end you as you stand before us,
pathetic aren’t you in thought of this as a plump meal to dine on,
you could be more than just food for a belly yet you stay on what you know,
and what you know and stay true to will only kill you as a burden,
don’t see yourself as burden when you know that is not true,
the plains are vast and close to the ocean that is even greater,
yet you choose to run because of change you haven’t seen,
though counting the seasons of the year because what does nature,
and even those that live within it know what change is,
ain’t that right little bunny who can’t see pass the end of their nose.




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  1. the-second-opinion
    the-second-opinion says:

    You made me think about “nature” on a few different levels with this one – one’s “true” nature as a person, the forces of nature that bear down on us, the nature of the people we encounter – and how we all have to deal with it one way or another. Nice job, nice imagery.

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