Top Choice Rejected Princesses that should get a Spotlight Chance

Hello and welcome to another out of the norm read. In the happens of some news that has slowly been placed to the backburner for about a year or so, after some . . . how would some say? Some disagreements, in a mild setting I guess; and an ever well grown franchise idea that has in many ways remained fondly remembered, while keeping the trend of people knowing well of. As what the title implies, I am talking about Disney . . . seeing as a guesser of who would think that first. Though more of a focus here will be the princesses and what an impact they done for old and new fans. Yet, I have thought to spice it up a bit after finding a site way back and grown to love the idea of what the creative mind that is Jason Porath, who is quite a character alone, with an impressive profile of work, and which lead to the big boom of his blog series: Rejected Princesses – side slogan being: Women too Awesome, Awful, or Offbeat for Kids’ Movies.


That idea alone has very much open my eyes of how many “princesses” are out there that most those of a younger viewing won’t ever see or be aware of. I like that idea, and oddly enough some of the princesses with Mr. Porath’s insight would fit well in being something that Disney or any media giver is missing out on. So I am taking this little bit of a chance here, and mostly winging on Top Choice Rejected Princesses that should get a Spotlight Chance. In either movies or TV shows in narrowing down options for a servable platform, depending on how their stories could be fleshed out by looking in some of their stories as is. Also, a big shout out to Jason Porath, himself, on giving the go for this blog to be. Thank you so much.


And with that out of the way. Let’s get this started some quick honorable mentions, shall we?






Honorable Mention Number 1: Sita – The Princess Who Leapt Into a Pit; now the reason of her being brought up as a mention is mostly aimed for the fact her story was already been made into a film. That being titled Sita Sings the Blues, an independent short film very much summing a good potion of her story. Being just as odd as the world she lived in. Though, I do like the overall view of the meaning of what her fabled life went through, for something people also in some way can relate on, and could be going through what she did in a matter of speaking to break it. But I get the feeling not as out there as hers.


Honorable Mention Number 2: Sonya Golden Hand – Russia’s Princess of Crime; stating now that she has no relations or brought a character known as Goldfinger. That is unknown fact as of now. Anyway though, very much a woman of her time looking out for herself and doing it in style that a cunning thief could do. With not much of a background for her, leaves a lot of an open mind in seeing for what her reasons of actions could have been. But how she was able to get through sticky times, made use of her rascal nature to toy with many, while having the fair sassy lady image that made her easy to flee. She’s got quite the history behind her and a legacy that grows over time. There is only a minor chance of seeing that expand only more, as time goes on. I personally can’t wait, even in her country she was an enemy but damn, she was good at it.


Honorable Mention Number 3: Beloved – Ghost of the Chokecherry Tree; between the only two novel story based RP’s on Jason Porath’s site that isn’t a fabled or historian background checked, this one I can tolerate the most because the overall torment haul this tale brings and the after effects for people within it, unknowingly open regress scars and unforgiven actions is a treat. As for the other book . . . just, no thank you. Despite a lot of things to come, I have standers! Yet, with this story of Beloved, I would greatly enjoy seeing a ghost in spirit sense right wrongs that came upon her young being. I won’t say much but let’s say it quite unnerving horror in a way and a tear jerker all the same.


Honorable Mention Number 4: Takeko Nakano – The Samurai Who Refused to Die Quietly; this young lady is quite new of an update and is very promising of getting on any list. Both for sure on Jason’s site and on here. But the newness hasn’t given much of a grasp for as others to come. I do like that she is the badass-ness and swifter vision of Mulan in ways, though having a stronger mature vibe as well. Her story reminds me a lot of the poem; Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas, with that energy and emotion to carry it as wild and noble as Takeko was in fighting for her people to the ends of her time and Samurai code. She is not a lady to be forgotten easily, folks. Take that with understanding and honor here.


Honorable Mention Number 5: Wungala – The Mom Who Beat the Devil with Bread; this story is given more of a children story like flair of never letting fear get the best of you and being daringly cunning when danger comes near. The rest of the culture that has been brought up and search into, is very appealing and if you feel like having more in-depth culture outside of Grimm and Hans fable style likeliness. I would give second vote on checking out the Yubulyawan Dreaming Project video, on a civilization lost forever in time.



And with the honorable mentions out of the way. Let’s get into the main chuck of this now. Onward!






Rejected Princess # 12: Riina – Boomerang-wielding Ghost Hunter

Say what anyone will on the remake of Ghostbusters. As I have done the same for that film, yet the idea of having an heroine that uses a boomerang to fight ghost and save people deep in the heart swap-like forests of Solomon Islands. That yes, is just a plane ride away from Australia. Seeking adventure just screams it, I know. But anyway, reason why I would like to see this “princess” get a moment to shine, is mostly her origin is all there and for the most part could easily be translated from paper to picture as that of an simple rescue story. There is the wild and come at me hell smile of the character built that is Riina. We have the conflict of cannibalistic raw human flesh desire monsters known as gosile, who at some point broke the law of never feeding off those that lived in an neighboring island by them. Hinting that yes, it is Riina’s home and people. Things could have gone well, if they, I don’t know . . . not kidnapped some people right within a short time of making that said agreement.

I know that saying of never trust those who has easy seeing malicious deeds. But hey, when blinded for peace and harmony, we all tend to over glance some details. Big or small, as error is human. Which is something else I like about this fable and greatly enjoy of how none of this feels like a one-sided drawback to anyone. Everyone at some point during the story has a failing task to face, and some having to rise to the challenge because others are losing fight. Having the action-pack draw to this and along with an endearing lead that is Riina, I don’t see of how this hasn’t happen yet for a film or a short TV Show.

Another fact I enjoy is how much Riina is risking within her cultures ground to save people she doesn’t know and for a reward that is never fully expand or could be even worth the trouble. Along with only the knowing that these people that were taken are those from her village. That is it. No deeper details of their family and such, other then that they were easy to snatch. The risk she takes is something of taboo nature to her people and likely get her shun or just exile from the island as a whole. Yet, she does it anyway, damn all what is at stake for herself and those brave enough follow in with this danger to come. Her people were attack by those they were to trust. That is just great there for drive, I love it!





Rejected Princess # 11: Khutulun – The Wrestler Princess

Now, now, now, now hold it! I know what most of you historian buffs are thinking here on how this choice next could be anything of a good thing to come. And I will do my best to defend this one, as I can. So let’s be fair here. With the knowing that she is the great-great-granddaughter of the most biggest land region holder, advances thinker and brutally insane rulers of that time before she was even born, that is Genghis Khan. So we know that genes that were passed down, were the knowledge riding, shooting, fighting is part of this infamous ruler while also inclining to add what else he was known for such politics, governing wells, and such things to seem as a wise and fear emperor. But now take all those genes and divide them between two branches of that family tree. And you got yourself one hell of a war to become. Which did happen between Khutulun’s warrior father and diplomatic uncle. Now come on, brothers fight as that seems to be a given at times. Though, how often does it end in bloodshed and over thirty years of no signs of stopping? Unless, you know, you happen to have a trump card to end all trump cards. And not using any of your fourteen sons to be the grunts to do it.

Nope! And that’s where our princess comes in. As a spy in ways and a fierce warrior like her father. Promising in ways that would soon end this war in the passing shorts afterwards at a tender age. Unsure of how young she was at the time, when first sent out to go in search of where her uncle’s army was planning to strike, but she was roughly close of being a middle like child near the end of where her fourteen other siblings stand. Living in that kind of household in the basic aged time of nomadic Mongolian era. So we can she very tough and could a take a beating if came out to it, reason to believe she was so fond of wrestling in later years of her life.

There is not much else to go on, as that her father by all else believe that physical abilities were just as valued to that of a spy or sharpshooter. So that was something Khutulun took the most enjoyment out of at times, testing her limits in what she could do in close and up face danger. And in a matter of time, was greatly good at it. A champ in her rights among the station campground of the Khan troops. Easy to say though that whatever wrestling is like now, there sure no rules back then of how things worked out. No weight class or gender separations. If you had a hankering for a fight, you did it, and you did with moxie and gloating rights to boot. Which can say much for this princess character as the chances of her losing were unlikely at best. But alas, even the great Marco Polo that traveled great lands above any normal human couldn’t have even be spared of the tales of a father wishing for his daughter to settle down, as the war was coming to a close, a victory for their side. Unclear or one-sided details to that.

Thus leading to the next of this story of a daughter abiding to her father’s wishes. Though on her terms. Of those terms that if any man could beat her at her favorite sport would win her hand in marriage. Though if she won, she was then be given a hundred horses and whatever pride the loser still had intact. Up to 10,000 horses later there was no marriage in sight for this young battle gal. Even one cocky dude thought at a bet of a 1,000 horses, he would have her just yet. A slight plea from her father was also added. In short, that extra 1,000 horses was looking pretty good in the long run.

It’s around when the war is coming close to be over and her father is too ill to be at the throne anymore is where things get a little wonky, as a few of her brothers step up and in ways, many, many horrible ways win to the throne over their sister. At this point, I believe she couldn’t give much a care for it, and let them fight for it. As she on the other hand, as the spliced rumors go, is that she meant a man out of war, much like a simple farm boy by translation errors implies, and lived her out as happy as she wanted when everything was said and done. Others saying she was murdered or just under unexplained actions by a political bloke by the name of Duwa to take the throne and that isn’t clear of the outcomes, too. Many other factors come to play, and that’s just in sum of countless rewrites of her past. But if anything sounds like a simple life going through that time era and just happens to have blood-ties to a crazy person. I used that term lightly.





Rejected Princess #10: Étaín – Goddess of Irish Sovereignty

So this next one is very much an offbeat story that would belong in a Pink Floyd musical video. And if my weird sense of humor and Irish genetics are anything to take account of here. I am sorry for what is to come. Though I am not sorry of how awesome this might be for anyone that might agree. So here how the tales go, which predates the main character herself shows up. We start with some gods, namely two here called Midir and Elcmar, the basic Greek kind of gods but in Ireland, where one of them, Midir, slept with other’s, Elcmar’s, partner, housing who knows a child in between all of Midir puts Elcmar through just get a one-stand in, uses magic make it seem like this bastard child is another’s, and then used said child to cheap out the father figure because why the hell not! And Elcmar is just never the wiser from then on and everything just moves to where, the bastard child, Oengus grows up and has his own kid. The god that fathered the bastard child loses an eye, when his own son and Oengus’s son are playing a game, of those results. The bastard child is grief for the outcome of the god, that unknowingly treating him like family than his own family, though those facts are splitting hairs of where you ask. Everything is just complex at this point. I hope you are following, because this is only getting better, trust me. As payment for everything Midir has done for Oengus thus far, to make up for the loss eye. Oengus must find the most beautiful woman of all of Ireland to make up for kids being kids at Midir’s demands.

And you know what? Without question or even batting an eye of that request, sets out to do just that. Thus entering our princess, who is about to get more than she bargain for. Oh boy. Where Oengus finds what Midir was looking for and strikes up a deal with her, that if he sway her of likely what a god can do but only appears human. She would marry his dear friend and father figure Midir. Leaving for Oengus to do so many tasks that would pleased her. In short making Ireland a beaut of a land as it ever was. Clearer rives, open farmland fields, lack of famine and war, you name he likely did that and much more. Though, here I am thinking Étaín would be a little wiser . . . I was wrong. She says yes.

Hey, just wondering. Did anyone catch that part in that jumble mess in the start of this, and near the end of how Midir lost his eye. You know, when his son and Oengus’s son were playing and things got a little, off? Yeah, Midir is already marriage to a goddess. And she is not one for sharing or personally anything of her husband for that matter. I think it was implies she was power hungry, but that is left to be debated there. Anyway, Midir’s first wife, Fuamanch, is beyond sensible at this point of her husband’s actions. And thus used her god powers to change the mortal human into a puddle of water. Don’t question it, just go along with it because we are not out of the woods just yet. Then the human evolves into a worm after some time and chancing the amusement of Fuamanch, later into some winged bug. Don’t know what kind. Use your brain on what winged bug is best to do the nasty to, as Midir couldn’t be anymore smitten with her.

Though luckily that is never brought up and has Oengus take the grunt work of taking care of her. Tending to the pretty bug as a queen. Purple cape and all by Oengus. Along comes Midir’s wife again, planning something of a kill, but Oengus ends her before much can happen to the little bug, though the spell set her free on a storming wind through time, a whopping 30,000 years later or 1,000 as that is never cleared, lands on a wine glass of a woman drinker and swallowed. Doesn’t die but forms into the woman’s body, making her carry with child. Do I still have your audience peepers with me? Just making sure. And she is born again with a new life, though shockingly and creepy enough, Midir’s finds her again. Married to a king that was won by her beauty and thus he is hast of anger, forms into the king’s brothers, act things, woos with sobs and pleas to bed with him in sake of feeling better. Falls for it, gets better in a way and then asked for her hand.

As you know the king is not pleased by this at all. And set on a challenge to man faux as his brother in a game. Of chess or something dumb like that, moving on! The matches is set. For every time wins, Midir was do a deed of some kind. And if Midir wins, he’s get grope rights or something, maybe even a kiss from the walking blank slate that can’t remember him from a past life. Who knows! Midir finally wins a round and earns a quick kiss, though jokes on the king, as he planned it the whole time! And sweeps the lady in question by turn them into swans and fleeing into the sunlight like some kind of weird wild west film.

Someone help me . . . I am just dying to keep this straight face, but the laughter is too great. Just picturing this acid trip of a film would be something else. Back to this fable.

King is not happy and pretty much sets wars of fire wherever gods like to vacation at, until he gets his wife back. Until Midir is like trying to stop the fires, gives the king a quest to find his wife, out of fifty some clones Midir made in his spare time, and now the king must pick the right one. TO WIN HER BACK! And he does, ta-da! Though something only Midir would find kicks in, he shows up one day, after the king and his lovely wife are tending to their child. Midir shows up and breaks the news, that who he took wasn’t his wife but his daughter but still his wife just younger and no memoires it seems of what is going, who he had his child with. Are you still with me on this one, because this was happens when the game telephone and things goes even more wary. Sparing himself that shame, keeps his daughter/wife only to have now releasing fake daughter/wife to proof from his eyes, unknown if that is true or not, but throws out his daughter/granddaughter out into the wilderness to be swallowed by a pit or something, doesn’t matter his servants are not even talent enough to do that, and leave the infant at a woodsman shack in the middle of nowhere. Eating his food too, because why not?

The infant grows up in her new home and family. Midir comes back and wins her all over. Only to have the now wise up Elcmar kill him after everything he was put through, just out of the blue and done. And takes the girl as spoils as it is lightly putted, only to have Oengus to come into the picture and somehow able to put two and two together of what happen to his family and everything is a lie. Leaving for him to at least give . . . shit, I forgot the girl’s name, she was so in-depth and everything. Anyway, Oengus makes up for what she had to deal with and gives her a happy ending, that didn’t evolved marriage of any kind, and just a kingdom for her to own. He stops by to check on her from time to time, coming to see she was just as wise that most don’t give her credit for wouldn’t know and want to have an exciting life from having nothing to something. Now she did and rested in peace.

Also, in a debatable end snip that could either be false to some regards but might as well be added anyway, she seemed to have a child by someone only after her riches that the gods gave her and just split when things got heavy and likely dangerous when a certain god caught wing, but still named her son after the god that made something of her life. Come hell or high water, strange as it was, it was enjoyable ride to the end for Étaín. Yeah! That’s her name! Now I remember. Do you think you readers can too?





Rejected Princess #9: Micaela Almonester – The Survivor Baroness of New Orleans

Okay, after that insane story that was dished out in the last place, let’s get to the start of this princess. Where her main goal in an era set out against her, that soon came out as a fighter. Her life starts out pretty much like a tale of having the good moments in hand, wise mind and an not to laugh at background of their times within the ending years of the 1790’s going to the early 1800’s. Feels like she is already living the princess dream in films and all. Even happens to find a prince of her taste.

Too bad that’s where things take a turn for the worst after their honeymoon phase is over. Along with the tales of that it he is also her cousin, is not much helping in the case of how that bad blood might lead to, in Micaela’s personal hell. Now it wasn’t anything like that of physical abuse that would send red flags to anyone, as it was more to that of emotional abuse in breaking her, very much trampling over her like a rug. Her husband’s father was a whole new cup of tea and likely implied to the source of how her husband should treat her. Seeing as his mother left the marriage during the time of theirs, founding facts more on that is unclear but leads to why the two would be against the Almonester family for the sake of money.

I am also with Jason on this for the lack of reason for the Almonester to even thinking of setting this marriage together in a such a short time frame. It was clear on what the Pontalba, the father of the groom stated blankly to guest that the fortune would be worth it. That is a clear red flag in today’s stander of how most relationships never last long. So it makes it even more hard to get through this tale of Micaela as she takes it all, even when the wedding was over and fortune in place, oddly enough she gets whisked away to France by her husband’s father’s order and for better legal estates. Another red flag; but again in this era, what could she have done? Honestly? And to not look like she was in the wrong?

Though, I got to give the princess’s mother some credit here for feeling something off. As when she wrote part of the marriage contract and even the legal will for the Almonester fortune. It only to one person and only one, her daughter. Some could call her shrewd. I call her fucking smart at this point. And let’s just say the head Baron of the Pontalba line were not pleased, not one bit. Taking this as a personal threat to themselves, but mostly him . . . not even going to try and understand why he thought that, given implies to his son, and later decided to keep Micaela in a house lockdown from then on for I guess on some here a handful of years. Keeping her from friends and family, abusing more on the emotional sense with likely some bruising here and there, treating her more as a slave in a sense than a wife, and at times in having her to forcibly submit into giving her fortune over or else. In seeing this as an violation of all fair principles, this would later be seen as a action movement in the courts to come, shockingly cool personally.

Despite a lot of things that could go against her if saying yes. She did, and from how the records pointed out this a matter in saving whatever part of their marriage they had left. At the time she agreed to those terms, she and her husband, in her eyes now saw if anything more spineless pushover than a brute, were already parents to four children. I see what she was doing here and the root of the problem here was the husband’s father if anything to that. She was trying to saved a small slice of happiness she still had and in the end, it didn’t matter. Her husband left, though they were still marry during of what the next events to come.

I mean sure, the dude made sure to let her stay in one of their many homes on a budge living, it like maybe the most kindest thing he could have done for her. She finally just said screw it and went home. Getting back whatever home land she could, getting back on her feet and just able to survive. Until she pull the biggest move of threat she could do in the heart of Louisiana law. Threaten for divorce and just ends things now. It didn’t go quite as planned. For now we are talking the Barons of using spies on her, looking through her daily life to see if she was more a threat to believe, if anything to catch her cheating while still under wedlock. When that didn’t work, they played dirty to the point she was corned by debt and set back to France to be under her husband and his father’s rule of thumb again. Treating her just bad to the point she was just a shadow of herself, though it was mostly in the tacks of driving her insane, and off to the crazy bin with a fortune in need of an owner. Killing two birds with one stone at this point. But she didn’t crack and still solid as she could during her time of visiting hell once more. Though her kids did well in keeping her level headed and searching just as a spy back, in looking for dirt on them.

Long and gruelingly it was and the short comes she at times, because of laws not of her own, went on testing their will just as much within the limits given, but if anything her husband might not said about her actions or even strike out. Some would say he kind of had it coming and let her do so, as again he was only spineless not a monster. I couldn’t say much for how his father was taking it. Until he finally just snaps. Goes into the dead of night, with a gun in hand, and goes straight to her room. Not even flitching at guess, fires the gun four times with her left hand taking some of the blast for shelter and left for dead on her bedroom floor. As for the head Baron calmly went to his study for the rest day, straighten all his affairs and such, before pulling the trigger on himself. Clear signs that this Baron family is not on steady ground here people.

The shred of something good here folks and I bet he rolled in his grave. She lived. Painful of everything to the road of recovery is, she lived. With her husband there at her side, for once treating her as she would for him. Though it was more image than anything else, as she was ready suing for divorce once more, he was relentless in with his words that his spine couldn’t back up, as his mouth and actions were his downfall, to sum it up short. In doing anything to make her seem like the evil one of the pair, showed his side of lacking the husband qualities that deemed certain actions. Thus she one the court rule there. And became a free woman once more.

And with that, did everything to get back on her feet. Starting to rebuild from the ground up with her children along her side for this. Able to using some business styles she learned in her younger years, opening up hotels in France and New Orleans. Become a shrewd and capable woman of her time. Sparing times when her kids needed her with money issues or their love affairs, it was a stark differences to what she had saw and been through before. Other insight of how her ex-husband going through a whacked out staged, I mean you could call it that, and her went through the changes as well in their finally moments of at least being humans to each other, as those things remained with them for others to never see. Ending her peaceful and elite life to a wonderful age of 79. The End.





Rejected Princess #8: Juleidah – The Princess in the Leather Burqa

After taking that trip into history here, why not look into some thing a little more stranger. I promise that it won’t be anything like RP 10 placement. Promise. A good few already bolted, I know. Anyway, so here this little Egyptian tale of a king looking for a beauty that could match that of his passing wife. Using a Cinderella kind of deal that if anything could wear and match her lady of mourn, would be his new wife. No questions asked.

I think some of you already where know where this is going. His hired, and likely I am going to say kooky matchmaker pointed out that only one close that could match the levels of what the king was pleading for, and that was found in his daughter. You think that a king of status back then could think the dude was crazy and kick out the door, but nope. Thinking of the family values this would bring, saw nothing wrong with it. And to make sure his daughter didn’t get frighten of this fact, kept it a secret of who the queen would be. And she couldn’t and just bribe one of the servants to blabbed. Smart thing she did was get the fuck out there and never coming back.

Pulling off an Aladdin escape over the castle’s walls and venture into the city to hide, finding a merchant of cloth. Shoving every speck of gold she could find on her person, pleading with the man to make a haste of head to toe dress ware yet when it was made, that thing was spotty beyond a doubt here but it would do. The deed was done and for now, she was safe. For how long though was a mystery there. Coming off as a basic hobo of the streets, it worked, until guards showed up and asked her questions. Thus she covered up with a rhyme that makes you question the IQ levels of this city she lived in. For in her rhyme she spouted was that of a made up name unlike anything in their city, stating she was blind and deaf were something of a mutations, though she could speak clearly akin to that of someone who can hear and her sight of seeing them, well you know? Not as weak. Despite that! It worked and she was able to flee away.

Away to a neighboring city and pretty much starting over. Though that wasn’t an easy feat for she kept up the lie of herself, and was looked she had the black death hanging over her shoulder or something. The years for the story and plague are different for this meaning, I know, but work with me on this. But anyway, she became quite the gossip of the town, to where the queen wanted to see this new amusement dubbed as a creature beyond their world for just like shits and giggles, I guess. Doesn’t sound like a nice queen anyway and could be one of those that value perfection and status, so yeah, moving along now. The princess here goes to the castle and sees the queen, not unnerved of how the queen belittles her a bit, and even question her being. Using her pledge poem words she retells once more, and no one being the wiser of how a deaf person answered a question. I feel like this story is made to make anyone lose IQ points at this moment.

I mean get this, the queen is so delighted from this person, she calls a creature into making the princess into hired work. Not even questioning of how the needs-more-acting-classes princess agrees to the terms, unlike of how a normal deaf person would. These people are stupid. She was sent to cook one time and no one thought to ask of how a blind and deaf person could do this, without dying? Kind of funny for the most part too. Moving to the follow time leap from this, we are now at a party the queen is hosting, though the princess decided to hold back, relying on her faux being of not able to go. But later loses the rags and dressing the finest clothes she got from the earned money she made, pretty much being the bell of the ball. Worrying for the worst though if thought out or something, throws loose change that hungry money guest would go for, leaving for her to dash and back into the rags once more. Another swift exit for the win.

Leads to something of the queen finding something of this fair find, and having a sole heir in need of a bride, as he showed interest of a daring woman crashing a party. The queen was going to make it happen. So she set another party and pretty much played the waiting game for the unknown lovely to make a show. But as before, was able to get away, though the sole heir was able to think ahead and catch running through one of the halls by the seventh party. She broke free, having one of his rings slip off as she yanked away from him, he pleaded in asking where she was from. She gave the most out there name of land and like a fool, bought it and set a course to look to this land. Planning with a horse, food, and no close but the way she ran as a start. He finally meets the blind-deaf demon that worked in the kitchen, helping prepare for his trip. Paying no mind of lacking the demon showed signs of being blind and deaf, soon left. Only to make a out of nowhere U-turn back when finding his ring in his food, putting together that the demon and beauty are one and same. My gods, I think I have found one person with a brain besides the main character. But I don’t think it is going to last long. Fingers Cross.

Taking a guess that this prince must really like rebel like girls for how it took time to prove that the demon was his wife-to-be. Amazing of how a stable relationships could grow from that. I mean, I give credit that most tales expand that they did spend time knowing each other, while he was planning to prove who she was. She liked games from how she acted at the parties, so he did the same. A cat and mouse game in a way. As that came to a closed and able to final snip away her cloth one faithful “clothing-ensemble fixing” with scissors cutting the “wrong” cloth, they wed the coming months afterwards depending on which tale version you read. It was a short but blissful life they had. Until her father came back into the picture, who by the way, is still set on marrying her because of matchup-ness to his wife and her mother.

The prince rightfully outraged by these turn of events was ready for a rumble, though Juleidah thought of another way. A peaceful one and at least have a speaking with her father of these matter. Her husband agrees though clearly wary of this, as she sets out for drinks with the king, dressed as the prince’s wear and fake facial hair to speak to her father. Making it awkward and loud at times as hell for the turn of events that made him blind sighted. Understand that yes he did lose his wife long ago but the matters are worst when you drive your own family away, because of someone’s unknown and misguided whims. Finally breaking the disguise as she broke in tears and understanding of what her father was going through, much as he felt the same, as she finally spoke in her words to him of the actions played.

The father leaves in saying he’ll find a way to make it up to her. And leaves to her happy life. Later her father sends her a fortune to use for her and husband. A letter in stating that the kook of a matchmaker was toss off a cliff. Huh, I guess that is one way to end a story. Anyone disagree here?





Rejected Princess #7: Gouyen – Wise Woman of the Apache

Now this is your kind of deal for revenge story here. It starts as some do, a nice day where things couldn’t be any calmer for someone to have. A husband and wife are out hunting in the clear ends of the land, until they are just suddenly attack from a threatening tribe and out spite during the ambush scalps the husband’s head and leave her as seen to a weaker threat not needed a spare glance at, yet in the spare of her love in the signs of how the afterlife may not be kind to that. Our lead here, stares in shock and left scarred of the actions, with only burning memory of the man who owned a black horse with three white feet.

In the brink of anger as in traditions to cut ones hair in show they are a widow. She only had one thing in mind and that was revenge. There was some setbacks on this plan though. As yes, her husband was killed, a clear sign of war between tribes but for all breakout for this, is not quite the answer. More so that it should be an eye for an eye. Sadly though, with her passing husband’s father far too old to do just acts, and most of her male relatives in no conditions to do it. Not forgetting this was also a chief in the wrong, very much untouchable. She was on her own from then on. Left with no one but herself to set out and avenge what she lost.

Not an easy feat to do. Her weapon that she used to cut her hair was taken, no horses to ride, and by other standers that killing the Comanche’s chief would lead them into war. And if caught . . . shit, it just not easy okay. Dire if anything for what she could do, but it was the only thing driving her. If anything happen, going wrong or anything, her tribe would not help her in any way. They know what is at stake if war breaks out. So by that, she had to clever in choices if this was to go right.

Even with the warnings clear as day for her and likely what could happen, she risked it. Waiting for her tribe to fall asleep, gathering supplies, giving to her mother what feel like a final goodbye. Heads out with pretty much a small package of jerky, a jug of water, and her clothing she wore ceremonies, one as an adult while the other as a wife. Now she wore to shed blood in righting a wrong. Badass-ness only goes up from here, folks.

For three days she traveled at night with the speed of the wind pushing her. During the days sleep and hid to not be caught. It was round the fourth night came and the sight of the enemies campfire was in sight. Large by the flames they were in signs of showing off victory. I wouldn’t be surprise if that spiked up her blood in anger from the thought. Though it made it easy to scout the camp as the Comanche were busy, she set out to make sure her hunches were right. Able to quickly spot a familiar horse. Carefully and gently, took the chief’s horse away from sight, using her ceremonial clothing to use now from her usual hunting wears. Soon slipping in with the other dancers around the fire, waiting, until spotting him.

In customs ways, of standing before him with arms wide open for him to join her into the dance. She knew right there, alone on enemies grounds with no weapons or allies, if it failed, it was all over. Pleading the fourth sacred times for him to join her. And unknowingly what could happen, stood to join her. While insight was her husband’s still-damp scalp tied to his pelt as a trophy for all to see. She still made no move and ignore it, alluring him. Able to him follow her into the darkness in such a way he thought was playful. Leading them ways from others to see, as he pulled her close, she reached for the knife. Sadly though one his grips made her clench and drop the blade. From there she knew it was over.

Going down in a whimper she did not once the chief grabbed for her when she tried to run. Spinning around his grip, she latched onto him, sinking her teeth into his throat. She held on as the chief tried to get away and too far the camp for others to hear. She held on, biting harder as his blood soak her clothes and ran down between their bodies like a stream, thicker in her throat as she kept him from leaving, until his body finally stilled. She wasn’t sure how long it was before finally awaken from her daze. Reaching for the knife she dropped before, cutting out his heart and taking back her husband scalp. Riding away at great speed on his horse.

She fled knowing that it would be a matter of time before Campeche would be on her tail. Stopping for short whiles for her and the horse, at times never sleeping or just sleep as she rode. She kept at when it was clear at times she was being followed of those who wanted her dead. For almost two weeks she kept at this, until one hot day, her and horse could not travel much farther. Seeing only shadows and sounds that made her blood run cold, before fading to black. Awaken though, founded by her people, her father by her side praising and in ways to her band and Apache of what she did. In the end was known Gouyen, the most highest rank title name in the Apache tribe is known for their women.





Rejected Princess #6: Vasilisa Vasilyevna – The Gender-Nonconforming Heroine Who Kept the Tsar Guessing

Now for this next pick . . . also remaining unbiased because I have placed this one at the sixth spot and not closer to the end, sorry, and after the last few stories, most of you are having thoughts of how unlikely any these fables could ever be turned into something like Disney does. Now I may have stated that beforehand, yet the princess that comes up next is very much a story that can be done and the most forward thinking princess Disney would ever do if ever did. So let’s get start into this.

Here we have a gal that goes beyond what girls would normally be like during this time. Here is Vasilisa, someone who loves shooting, both guns and hardy shots of vodka, fairs more in men’s clothing, enjoys the games of hunting and such else that screams stereotypical male testosterone. Aware of the facts of how this drives certain people away, Vasilisa or Vasili for her male name she takes at time, doesn’t mind all that much, as she is very happy either way. Though of course, that delight of fooling people in thinking of their town’s local priest’s kid is his son and not his daughter. Extra fun when things start to get a bit interesting.

During a day around hunting season, Vasili was out horseback riding catching some dear. Here comes this dude, local town Tsar known as Barkhat, very much in awe of how swift this person was able to hunt and envy a bit of his younger days. Out in question to his friends during a meeting over some work, shock to say when finding out that most that was a woman not a man. Let’s just say he found it hard to believe at first. So he does this test theory his housekeeper game him, that what you keep around the house, a gender will reply to their gender they as. So finding something from the dusted trucks an old hunting gun of his over the fireplace. Soon inviting Vasili over for a light lunch or dinner, depending on the tale is looked at, enjoying each other company that could lead to something of a bromance of that time. The envy sure was dying. Yet, when Vasili’s eyes land on the gun, she is very much unimpressed of how prissy that weapon is and ups to leave.

Granted, the gun was likely a model not made anymore during Vasili’s years of life, so I don’t personal hold anything to that spite there. But boy, does that confuse Barkhat some a bit, as the answer very neutral there. Aware of the gun standers like a gunsmith would but scuff it like a designer finding a stain on a dress. It was very in the middle here and yet, it didn’t change much there.

Barkhat still wanted to know more about Vasili and goes through unknown trials for him to figure her out. While she is likely agreeing go to his house for free food and enjoyment of his brain working overdrive. So a win to win here. Somehow, I think that can make a find friendship in some ways as the tale goes on. Much left for them ending somewhere along in the lines of her out doing his test, yet it has made him to do more studies in gender identity and making it a life’s work as well during their growing oddball friendship. I very much like to think of Vasili going all through this, besides free food, is kind of touched by someone wishing to know her as who she is, confusing to him to hell and back despite that. Earning a friend in a way. Some other accounts for other things for Barkhat as well, I mean I give the dude a break because it has likely been a while for something interesting besides drunk stoops with colleagues and boring office work. Something like this was a good change for someone.

It’s not much a story and can likely be change into bad twists here and there. But I think this is the most safe of stories that brings up forward thinking to come. And it’s a damn shame that Disney, of all media entertaining companies aimed towards kids have yet to do this, even when themselves who keep saying they are forward thinking, haven’t dare to try this yet. That is all I have to say for that.





Rejected Princess #5: Amanirenas – The One-Eyed Queen Who Fought Rome Tooth and Nail

Now some people might be wondering of why this Princess on here? One reason if because I would like a sequel to all the Cleopatra and Mark Antony films that have been made. Yes, what I am stating here is the royal gal that ruled parts of Egypt just ways from the bomb-shell beauty everyone knows so well, and wasn’t so kind to those of the Rome lands. With that said, start where this story begins. With Augustus killing off those star icons or at least them taking the high road of his dangers to come, and shared a venomous snake to end them, and not by his hand. Where that leads next, you might be asking, well it would seem that it ended south to take more of that land and expand the Roman Empire. Where is sadly leads to Amanirenas country, damn.

Before it was known as Sudan, it was the once area ruled by a queen or what they called back them kandake, over the kingdom of Kush. A plant that is not a drug in their land, just putting that out there. Small by most kingdom populations, didn’t make them pushovers. When having heard the news of the arising Roman Empire just inches away of taken their home, they struck back before the Roman Empire had a clue, and they made sure to make a point.

The war lasted in many battles between the Roman Empire and Kush, having Amanirenas’s husband died in the early batches of the bloodbaths to come. Leaving only her and her son to lead their people to fight on. Aiming in the threating goals as Roman Empire, expended their lands as well, capturing two of their major cities and defacing many of Augustus statues along the way, as warning and retaliation to their means. Now how is Augustus taking all this? Not well simply, so as payback to come. He fought back his cities, attacked the Kush kingdom to a blazing death, and selling many of the Kush people into slavery. Guess as well her son too, as he is never brought up again or died during the invasion, but nothing is stating that, but either way she was pissed. And as a dictator that is Augustus does in his actions when having a fit about someone fighting when a punch is thrown, like you do.

For the record as this goes, it wasn’t a defeat. Not even close, Amanirenas was nowhere close in calling quits. Now depending on where to look for these facts, is that she used many means to attack back for what Augustus did to her people. Some stories say she went into soldier camps, unsure if she was alone, with two blades to just hack anyone in her way. Others would point out that singled out lone people cut up into pieces, mainly fighters or higher ups, of the Roman Empire and then fed to her pet lion for all to see, a side tale brings up that this lion might have also taken her eye, but is unclear. Handful of tall tales said she used her army of war elephants to trample over the soldiers when they came back for more slaves and land. If anything though, she was relentless and care for only one thing, her people.

Finally though after years of this battling, it had come to I guess a peaceful ending, as Augustus gave up and sore a vow of peace to never come back. Others say, he was held by knife point or just a claimed it all to be a misunderstand that went too far, but you guys can be the judge of that. I’ll stay neutral and think that the war ended because the big boss was defeat, that’s all.

Though even if history forgotten this battle, our princess here sure didn’t. As when her tomb was discover around in the 1900’s, a sum of 350-400 years after her death, there was something sitting pretty in the center of the room, under the craving paint of her sitting on her throne. While there, just below the foot, is the very head statue of her first waves attack, Augustus’s stone head to be precise here. Looking well taken care off and faintly looking as if it was still in the time of the Kush Kingdom stood strong.





Rejected Princess #4: Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine – The Queens of the Sydney Underworld

What was the biggest thing in the 1920’s happening at that time when say gangsters come to mind? Anyone from American could say Al Capone. Funny enough, while that was happening, over in Australia had these two lovely ladies. And the kicker here is that they hated each other. Going against each other in everything once they crossed paths. We have Kate here the burnet here with 100+ convictions, and the younger lass Tilly of blonde hair had a good bring in of 200+ convictions. And how they would out wit each other, is just a outstanding here. Let’s start with a simple one.

First law that was starting over in Sydney was they were banning liquors sales, I think there was just a lot of places going through that prohibitive laws. So how would these gals handled the mess. Simple, Kate open a place under ground of a speakeasy and doing sides bets with anything related to drugs, building ownerships, open other side clubs that were aimed for more that flapper taste. Pretty much the stander of what most sneaks would cheat the government, and loving it. While Tilly just was blunt to point at the loopholes of the law. As one line in saying that no man could run anything about or own liquor, but hey, she’s not a man and thus the law couldn’t stop her. So by law, she was able to open places just as quick as Kate, but unlike Kate is that Tilly wasn’t a huge fan of violence or dirty things and kept things clean as she could, when she could. Though that didn’t neither one was spare of grits and such.

The most easy thing these two got out of jail time, compare to their male challengers who were the more likely of seen breaking the laws. How could anyone or even the police believe that these women could ever be kingpins? And so much else. But now I get the feeling most of you are wondering of how this rival between the two. The only record that states the likely of how this started, was by an eye witness of an undercover female police officer was on the patrol looking into any info about them, unknown until up close that she was being stalked by Tilly, and before things could get too heavy, a trams cart was coming by and pops out Kate, sucker punching Tilly in the face. It was odd turn of events for all of them, though on thing for sure, was that this was just the start of it.

So after the rudest punch in the world, if I had to guess for how Tilly would say it. The feud begun. All while this undercover officer made noticed to document as much as she could, for even she saw the fires of hatred growing between those two. Adding insult to injury, Kate trashed some of Tilly bagnios. Tilly even the score back with smashing ransack some of Kate’s stores. Kate wasn’t happy and thought some of Tilly’s prostitutes needed to go into an early retirement. Tilly thought the same for Kate’s drug dealers, in very much the same fashion but not as crude. Rooftop Snipers and car bombs after, and it just went on and on.

Through their years it was either dealing with each other or law, or getting the law between so they wouldn’t have to deal with each other. They were just so passionate about seeing the other rot in jail, it could get comical at times. Sparing of how their future and law changes were happen. We can safety say that they no easy childhoods growing up. Kate and Tilly had their own demons to go through and should wildly in their works. The only differences was that Kate loved to be loud about her choices and willing to take down anyone to get it as she was raised, while Tilly enjoyed fixing up those niche problems keeps avoiding, much of things like she did with loopholes and such by how world treated her because what she was. And they sure found ways to vent out their problems, Kate became what she feared and while Tilly in her way put justice to this unfair world.

Their story is something you would had to been there to see. As they were very out shined by other well known gangsters, and if the media wasn’t keeping out for bad characters roaming the streets, these two were able to get away with a lot of things, even sparing time to weasel the other for fun. But when the press was getting a little warm for them, Tilly made a dash out of there and moved to America for about nine months, while Kate was spending some jail time for withholding drugs. Yet things never fully changed around close to when they were just finally settling down, in much somewhat simpler lives, and they kept in certain goals of there. Up to Kate’s death that is. It’s kind of sad to know that even with how much they hated each, somehow after everything was put to rest and they lead simple lives to follow, had also burying the hatch, it wasn’t long later Kate was gone and sadly, so was a part of history along with her.





Rejected Princess #3: Princess Pyeonggang – The Weeping Princess

Kids . . . you love them or you hate them. You want wants best for them and give them the world at times. Yet when it came the tear master here, kind of hard to see if they any sense of the truth there. Not saying this story is saying she was an unhappy princess but more along the lines of a demanding princess. Having her father at times bring up empty threats to just have some peace quiet at times, though of course those can very short lived, and maybe someday backfire on yourself. One threat that came up the most was where her father stated that if she couldn’t be good under his care for everything she asked for and pamper to, he would marry her off to a low status man, known only as Ondal the Fool. That’s a very long shot of how the king could have heard of this man or even how he got his reputation of that title, but let’s not spoil too much here.

This kind of petty threat went on for a while, until she was final at the age to marry. Yet, she refuse to marry to someone her father pick and seeing herself only fit to the man in her threats. Her father playing that was only a joke, and yet to her it was hearing someone who couldn’t hold up to their promises. And that’s how she played it as, between refusing other men for her hand and pressing her father’s buttons. He finally broke and sent her off to find the fool and see if his low minded being could ever handled an ungrateful child like her.

Ignoring his tone. She went to the neighboring village of where the fool lived. And when they first meet, it was something of a hard to believe tale she told. Call it a fool’s a once moment of seeing the wise and an elderly mother to have eyes as a hawk to see lies. Yet, she did plead to him of how everything went, she would at least like to try. This is just an interesting change to her character by a large dose, I hear. But I am willing to bet that if she had it easy in the kingdom run by her father, those threats must have been a breath of fresh air to her. I mean, it is not stated clear of how the king treated his child or even how her close-to-happen suitors were like but she wasn’t one those ideal had it made princesses. There are some facts missing here, but going off a limb in saying she planned it all or saw an exit and went for it.

Anyway, back to the pleading for Ondal to marry her. Ondal is very on fence here and thinking it was a scandal in ways. Though she made promises and such that it would be more than that. His only common sense that he couldn’t leave a young lady like her alone in a world that do unspeakable things to her, as the fool’s mother kindly pointed out. So in the end, he agrees and they wed. Granted, it wasn’t the most smoothest of marriages but the princess made it work, and wise enough for herself to pack enough gold and jewels to help her new family when it was needed. The princess put every bit of her brought fortune to make something for herself and now husband, plus elderly mother-in-law.

Putting a good amount into a better household for them, expanding in a business the mother-in-law ran, and such else. Another thing and kind of cute, is that Pyeonggang was becoming much more fond of her husband, vis versa, and teaching him things like archery and horseback riding as something that were chores for her in youth. It rose him in status over time into being a general for within his village’s army, things were looking up. Until, well, the Han Chinese attacked. One great thing about being a fool for Ondal, is that he had no fear, much like when he was able to round up the townspeople and gather to where invaders were going to be coming from. While most stood in fear and knowing what could if they moved an inch, the fool did not and sprinted ahead. Shocking many and getting the start of a winning blow to the head leader of the enemy. For the small army against the townspeople, they made the wise choice to flee, seeing they already lost a few in the wake of this.

A luck of chance here if one was to see it of how things to turned, but at least Ondal’s wife couldn’t be anymore proud of him. She barely could even hold her laughter when her father wished to see the hero that did the unthinkable. In short, the king was very much surprise when hearing the name of the fighter before him, just so dumbstruck. And yet still, Pyeonggang kept that tiny smile in place. Things worked out in such weirdest of ways, but hey, a happy ending is a happy ending.





Rejected Princess #2: Freydís Eiríksdóttir – Sword-Wielding Pregnant Viking

I don’t know of how I am going to be seen after this pick making it all the way to number 2 spot. But what is to come, is very much in the title here. Yeah, so, we have ourselves a Viking story. A sword-wielding one, too, kind of awesome. Female with an epic name, I like where this going. And she was pregnant during an invasion on her people’s settled homeland, with the choice of stay home to rest and take of the soon to come child. Or fight?

So let’s start off before the pregnant Viking for some context at least. We having Vikings setting sail across the ocean for a new home around the mid 900’s, somewhere in North America, likely Canada as the route to just keep a straight sail was the safer choice here. Moving along to meeting some natives, known as the skrælingjar there, it’s a bit rocky at first, but they come to some of an agreement to live in peace. Simple and done right, yep.

Yeah, that likely lasted up until our main princess here was on her what six or seven month of birth stage, and the tribes were set out for battle, reasons on unknown but likely something of rations or something along those lines. Her people frighten and very much outnumber, thinking it is just best to leave. Though they are at the risk of dying to ships between the forest lands and open waters. The leader, the princess’s brother is very much giving disappointment of lacking a backbone and says in her way that they had to do something or suffer in worsen outcomes. And to her, it’s to fight back, even if she had to go alone with only just a sword and swollen belly. Fear for his sister well being as she already lost her husband to this meaningless war, they go and fight. Side note here, I am starting to see a pattern here, anyone else? Moving along, he begs for her to stay in the village, but that only it’s a good warning for about ten seconds it feels like, before she is following them. Thinking quickly as she saw a few remaining of her clansmen still standing fighting, she reaches for a sword of one her fellow people and just goes at it.

I mean really, would anyone want to mess with a Viking lady likely crazy because of this meaningless war, lost her husband and some of her people, who is heavy with child, and just swinging around a sword? I sure wouldn’t! Battered from the battle she and her remain comrades were, the natives ran with whoever was still standing. They are able to keep this their home a little longer, before venturing out to fetch more of their people and such through what the history files may give.

Though I am staying away from those that kind of painted her in a bad light, most of the tales of her journey were rewritten over time and this image of a fun crazy lady turned into this psycho crazy lady. One story speaks about her killing her brothers and other family because they defile her courage as a Viking, it doesn’t have an rhyme or reason for it, and how it applies in some text, sounds like someone just had an vendetta against her is all. So I would personal just stick to the fables of her being a badass while pretty much breaking the laws of physics with that body of hers. Again, crazy suddenly single mother-to-be Viking with a sword. Run.





Rejected Princess #1: La Llorona – The Weeping Ghost of Latin America’s Past

Now I believe if I am seeing this right. She is more of a villain than a hero, when it comes to some of the picks. Not counting the duo gals by the way. But I think this one is like the poster woman for: DON’T STICK IT IN CRAZY. Anyway, this unsaid princess goes through a lot and causes just the amount the same in return. Fair warning to at least extend your mind as best you can for what is in store.

Now she’s a basic life and a fair eye catcher to some. Looks like a heartbreaker to many and likely be fine breaking hearts too, I mean even more so when she happens to discover her husband doing the nasty with a younger lady in their home, on their bed. The mental fraction that must have take, to where she was distraught by the sight, her eyes would stop crying, even if she found happiness or just lost in anger, tears everywhere. Even when she was blinded in rage by her husband’s ever growing misdeeds, just finally snaps and drowns the children they had together or so she thinks she did. Sneaking like a ninja killing off his friends one by one, finding any of his hidden lovers, and just bam dead. Tears still going.

I mean when she finally thought she had gotten rid of all that weight off of her, killed herself. Though from the tall tales because of her actions, she was not allowed in the afterlife. Only wanting to be near her children once more, as a last chance of fixing her broken self in another life, with them and her once cheating lover. But here is something, the children drowned, may not have been hers, or at least that’s what the legend implies to give this murder a chance of a hope to never come. Having to roam the earth forever in search of her children or those of their bloodline. To drown them and be at peace with herself and have them near.

Though for ever child she does find in the dark of goodnights, are never her children of asking come morning when the sun shines down to the rivers. Making her weeps echoed through the lands like earthquakes. This story has a mixture of a lot of things, depending where you look for details and wondering if you sure take her side or not. This fable has been tailored in many ways and finding the right one that could make less of a villain is not an easy feat. She has made some culture impacts but nothing of huge note worthy or deep enough study of why this story is around. Just a princess that has a lot of chances of being something worth and is only be shit on over the years. So, I wouldn’t in seeing some more of this on an expanded note.






Now for those who a fan of this blog series of Jason Porath’s work, is that I may have left out some of the more favorites out. Now don’t have any fear of that, there was quite a lot on there I couldn’t do justice in my own words to tell or were princesses that just fell a bit short with me is all. To make up for it, I’ll have their names linked to their pages so you can see them done right: Nia Ngao Zhua Pa, Jackie Mitchell, Zenobia, Mary Anning, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Sutematsu Oyama, Zelia Nuttall, Noor Inayat Khan, Stephanie St. Clair, Hypatia, Mariya Oktyabrskaya, Sor Juana Inés de La Cruz, Nzinga Mbande, Eréndira, Isabel Godin des Odonais, and Ida Laura Pfeiffer.







And that wraps up this blog to a final halt. I hope you all enjoy this and fill free to check out Jason’s site. Bonus blogs he does on modern princesses is pretty awesome and should get a look through. I love to hear what you all have to say about this and have anything to add, bring it on. Again, hoped you enjoyed this rather lengthy read. And I will see you next time as we head back to the basics. Later!




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    Some of these princesses make me really wonder why they were passed on. As a wrestling enthusiast, I would’ve LOVED our wrestling princess descended from Genghis Khan, especially if they’d taken a close look at how enough wrestling skill can even the odds. (They wouldn’t have needed to fall back on just “girl power” as a reason why she could win matches.) Sigh…

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    • t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
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      Yeah, I was wondering the same there and another reason why I wanted to speak about them. Wrestling fans would have just enjoy a history lesson what it was like back then. And as far with her tale, she sure did not believe female charm what’s so ever, so yeah, going for the girl power angle would have backfire on her character as whole. Glad to see someone else take something from this topic here. Though if anything, some of these are based on myths and we all know how easily some of it can change at times. Miss chances here and I hope to some day see one of these princesses get a chance. Thanks for checking it out.

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