Top 10 Favorite Scores From John Williams

This one is long overdue my friends. I don’t think I really need to explain who John Williams is. He has written some of the most famous and beloved movie music compositions of all time. I’ll be honest when I looked at the full list I was surprised just how massive it was.



Now some may cry foul only having ten, but remember I am not the biggest movie fan out there. So here my ten favorites.



#10.Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Main Theme)

Not gonna lie, I did not care for this movie. Maybe if I had seen back when it first came out it would have been different but man was it boring. The music is great, with that very memorable melody.





#9.Jaws (Main Theme)

How iconic and famous is this one? I am pretty sure I never saw the movie (I could be wrong I may have seen the second). And yet I know this music so well, especially that DUN DUN DUN DUN part!




#8.E.T. (Flying Theme)

While not my absolute favorite of his, what I love about this song is not only does it fit the movie beatifically but the score has sort of become synonymous with Williams himself. I think with all his amazing melodies this one tends to be the most forgotten. Which is a shame because it really his a great piece of music! It so wonderfully captures the feeling of awe in the movie. The music where Elliott says goodbye is also fantastic.






#7.Indiana Jones (Main Theme)

This is a great theme though to be honest I tend to forget how much I like until I hear and say “oh yeah!” I think it’s because unlike a lot of his other scores, the fanfare is a little more brief and it takes a lot to get to it. It’s great when we do though!






#6.Harry Potter (Hedwig’s Theme)

I didn’t realize this was one of his. I’m so ashamed! And it was a great composition which, get ready for me to say this a lot, fit this film like a glove.







#5.Star Wars (Main Theme)

I still adore this theme and get excited every time the movie begins! I love that there is no leadup. It just starts with this burst of excitement and it’s just wonderful






#4.Jurassic Park (Main Theme)

Do I need to explain this one? I did see and love the first movie and this music could not have fit that film any better. It captures the awe and wonder so perfectly! That is why it’s below Star Wars on the list, the music fits the film a little better.






#3.Home Alone/Hook (Flight to Neverland)

Always have to have a tie! It’s funny with all of these big broad melodies we forget that Williams can do whimsical too. “Hook” was OK, but I love his bouncy tune for Home Alone. Hearing that opening music is one of my favorite parts of watching that film. It was just the right melody and sounds an awful lot like the one he used in Hook just less fanfare.






#2.Superman (Main Theme)

This theme is so beautifully dome that it was, and in many was still is, THE theme for Superman. Smallville even brought i back for their series finale and man, when I heard that music I was absolutely PUMPED! Not only is the fanfare perfect but it probably has the best buildup of any John Williams melody. When you hear this you don’t just want to hear the main fanfare you want to hear IT ALL to get the full experience!






#1.Star Wars (Imperial March)

Why two Star Wars? This whole list could have been Star Wars!!! This one is something really special though. Is there any more iconic piece of music than this? You hear it and you know exactly what it is. No villain has ever had a more fitting score. It’s dark, it’s menacing, and I love it.






Finally while his TV work has not been nearly as extensive here are two melodies he did do both of which I adore! One is the NBC Nigtly News theme and the other is for the Steven Spielberg anthology “Amazing Stories” that I’ve talked about before. I loved this intro as a kid!! It was always got me so excited for that show.







As I said lots of choices not on here mostly because I never heard them, like Schindler’s List for instance or “Saving Private Ryan”. That doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing I’m sure they are. Williams career has been nothing but astonishing and he’s still at, doing work for “The Post” and he new Star Wars films. I hope he keeps playing beautiful music forever.

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  1. les
    les says:

    Hi RichB. Excellent list, my friend. I love John Williams. I like that you included “Close Encounters” on your list. That one is an exceptional soundtrack mostly on the strength of 5 “hello” notes. Are you going to do any more film composer lists?….Alan Silvestri? James Horner? Bill Conti? John Barry? Elmer Bernstein? Jerry Goldsmith? Enio Moricone? Lalo Schiffrin? Danny Elfman? Michael Giacchino? Randy Newman? Hans Zimmer? Just curious. See you around the blog, my friend. Peace.

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