Tokusatsu in Review: Power Rangers Ninja Steel Premiere

Season 6, Start up!

Ninja steel’s begun…and it’s based on A Terrible Sentai. How’s Saban dealing with it?


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  1. mattwo
    mattwo says:

    Pretty sure Gekiatsu Daiou is somehow supposed to be a reference to Susanoomon, similar color scheme, similar concept, still pretty stupid though.

    • des-shinta
      des-shinta says:

      Not even close, in absolutely no regard are you in any way, shape or form in any perspective correct on that.
      You know literally nothing about what you are talking about. You have no understanding of the underlying design concepts, the root references made in either entity, their intended motifs, you are 100% completely and utterly wrong.
      I award you no points. I will not debate this subject; Gekiatsu has nothing to do with Susanoomon, and if you actually knew anything about japanese mythology that Susanoomon is based on, Chinese mythology that the mech is actually drawing upon, or just the general motifs of the show, you would never have typed something so utterly idiotic.

  2. jim-bevan
    jim-bevan says:

    With Cosmo Royale’s new face, I think I heard that the original Nero mask was too damaged so they needed a replacement. IMO, it fits the theme of a game show host better than a plague doctor would. Aside from that, you nailed just about every issue I had with the premiere and outlined what worked. Hopefully the rest of the season will veer away from continuing these mistakes.

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