Tokusatsu in Review: Ohranger Vs Kakuranger

The Second theatrical Sentai teamup brings the Kakuranger in to fight a Baranoian Youkai…to the detriment of the current show regulars.


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  1. jim-bevan
    jim-bevan says:

    Since these team-up movies have been going on for more than 20 years now, you’d think the writers would have some idea how to avoid continuity errors. I do agree that team-ups having the teams fight one another for stupid reasons need to stop; it just wastes time and takes away from the chance to build character dynamics.

    Man… Rangers of Two Worlds handled this sooooooo much better. Shame, because the movie started off good. but then the stupid just kept building up more and more and more until there was nothing left to salvage. At least the Kakurangers were given respect, even if they got significantly little screen time.

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