Tokusatsu in review: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger Intro/Part 1

Your franchise-Cancellation-threatening series is in another castle.
Seriously, that was Fiveman; Ohranger never caused that.  Stop spreading that it did.



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  1. t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    It look like they got a good foot in the door and some of the ideas are no bad, a bit flakily, but I can see of how they could work. A promising start, though it leaves a lot of room of where it could go from there. Awesome work overall and really looking forward on where this goes now, because this is part of the franchise that is very new to me, so I am welcoming what is to come. Good work.

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  2. jim-bevan
    jim-bevan says:

    I’m surprised that dancing robot bit hasn’t become a bigger meme. It’s just so awesome.

    Thanks for clearing up the misinformation about Ohranger and the future of sentai. It is sad that so many people believe it and it leads them to pass over the series. And while I can understand Toei and the writers needing to adjust the tone of the series so as not to offend viewers because of real world events, I do wish that the changes had been handled a bit better.

    I never got the animal motif of the Baranoia empire until now. That’s kind of a mindblowing revelation.

    I really do love the premise of this series, even if science gets badly mangled and the “power of the human spirit” trope is FAR too overused in fiction. The stakes are high, the action scenes are impressive, and the characterization is very well handled. Sure, it didn’t last, but it at least had a strong start. The Zeo Megazord was my favorite as well.. Also, I laughed way too hard at “Why is a Dalek being pulled by a sphinx?!”

    One question – you say that Baranoia’s flaw in focusing solely on Japan is similar to that of Venjix focusing solely on Corinth. But Venjix had already wiped out almost every other major city – Corinth was the last spot to annihilate.

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    • des-shinta
      des-shinta says:

      Actually…well, rewatch the opening thing from RPM; one of the First things Venjix took control of was worldwide communications; so throughout the series there is the ambiguous ‘out’ of Corinth not being the only surviving aspect of human civilization and them just not KNOWING about it; thus that conclusion is unreliable. That was left in there in the event Power rangers were to be continued…but thanks to Neo Saban wanting to disregard everything Disney they just ignored it and retconned it into it’s own separate universe…a Decision that on multiple fronts is shown to be regretted. Besides, WHY ELSE would Venjix’s big plan be to create cyborg infiltrators?

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      • jim-bevan
        jim-bevan says:

        I never really considered that. Does make sense, though. Control the means of communication, and you have your enemies at a serious disadvantage. Though if that was the case you would think Venjix would have multiple fronts set up to deal with the multiple isolated cities rather than just focusing on one.

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