To Leave

How to put it simple right,
in the need to just leave,
I want you gone,
to disappear into the air,
as far as it could go,
and just never come,
get lost in the lands of sand,
be burn alive by the sun,
be crispy and torn from all this,
to be just absquatulate of the ways,
of just walking out now,
there is no need to linger on the doubt,
the worth to keep and tend,
has lost the mean all it goes,
just keep on going and be gone,
you used your worth,
kept us afloat but it was no pleasure,
this ship was sailing long as it goes,
you couldn’t even be that of hands to be bare,
the hands of hard work did more than it should,
but here we are at a standstill,
just as lost as it comes in the end,
I don’t want to fight,
no matter how the anger may be in the voice,
what I want now is peace,
and by that,
you need to just be a sickness of heat,
and be lost in the western tale lands,
go away and be a pure absquatulate fantasy,
an image that grow out of control,
I am done with the troubles,
done with the law and feeble sorriest sores,
just go away and don’t come back,
serve your means in the end,
and let that be all of an end with a mean,
just go and leave,
the sunset fairytale wasn’t meant to be,
out of peace and love,
that was just a dine rich speech,
so we could feel something,
when it was all for not,
and to that,
goodbye like the sickness we became,
goodbye as it comes,
far in the west and lost in history,
much like those who will soon,
goodbye what was and what could have been,
goodbye on someone who disappear,
more than they meant to do.


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