To Boldly Go The Great Star Trek Recap – Episode 87

Hello and welcome to To Boldly Go, where I weekly review every episode of Star Trek over the next few years.

TNG: Devil’s Due

So while Captain Kirk saved the devil by using magic, Picard challenges the devil to a courtroom drama and wins… If that doesn’t highlight the difference between the two captains, nothing does.

The plot is actually pretty clever: The devil of a planet has come to claim ownership in regards to a one thousand year old treaty, and Picard takes her to court to prove that she’s simply a conwoman. He does, and it’s fantastic. The end.

This episode is fantastic. The idea of Picard taking the devil to court is something that is entirely fitting with Picard as a character. Once he figures out what is happening, seeing him run rings around the conwoman is a joy to watch. Add to that pointing out the logical holes in the mythology of the people (namely, they themselves created peace, not the figure they signed the contract with), and you end up with a brilliant little episode that shows Picard at his best.

Really, I’m not sure what else I want or need to say about this episode. It’s a fantastic little episode that showcases the strengths of TNG as a whole, and show why it ended up being a fan favourite for so many. While it may be too late for it to change its final score around, at least it’s show that season four has a lot to offer us.

DS9: Sons of Mogh

Oh goodie, another Klingon episode featuring Worf… I’m so excited…

The plot is okay: Worf’s brother wants to die in order to restore honour in the afterlife, but Worf won’t let him. Meanwhile the Klingons are planting hidden minds around Deep Space 9. They blow up the mines, and Worf restores his brother’s honour by wiping his memory. The end.

This episode… Yeah, I’ll be lying if I said I liked the Klingon episodes, because I really don’t. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s just that they involve a plot that I’ve never really been all that interested in to start with. It’s just the usual ‘honour blah blah blah’ tale that gets repeated again and again, and fails to engage me as a viewer.

So does that make it a bad episode? Probably not, if you’re a fan of the Klingon culture. But to me, they’ve always struck me as such a one-note type of character that I find it hard to be invested in their story. Not that there’s not good Klingon episodes, mind you, but a Klingon episode has to do a hell of a lot to keep me interested.

Other than that, I don’t really have much else to say. This one is probably left up to viewer discretion than anything else. If you like Worf and the Klingons, have at it. If not, find something else to watch instead.

VOG: The Killing Game (Parts I & II)

See last week’s entry

ENT: Observer Effect

You know, this is probably the closest Enterprise has felt to the likes of The Next Generation or Voyager so far. This sort of episode wouldn’t feel out of place in those shows.

The plot is okay: Two incorporeal aliens observe Trip and Hoshi contact a virus, and how the Enterprise learns to deal with it. Ultimately the aliens deserve to save the crew, because screw their First Directive protocol.

Like I said, this episode wouldn’t be out of place if The Next Generation or Voyager, because it feels like something they’d have done. Maybe this is a sign of how Enterprise finally got its act together, and had it continued we might have seen more stories like this in the future. It’s kind of a shame that Enterprise was cancelled.

As for the episode, it’s okay, but nothing to really write home about. As I’ve said before, it does the job it’s meant to do well, and you can’t ask for more than that sometimes. Having two aliens talk about humans and what they do, and being amazed at the compassion humans share, is something Star Trek is good at. In many respects, it’s the quintessential Star Trek episode. At the end of the day, if you want to watch some classic Star Trek, here’s a good place to start.

Episode Ranking

First: TNG “Devil’s Due”

Second: ENT: “Observer Effect”

Third: VOG “The Killing Game (Parts I & II)”

Fourth: DS9 “Son of Mogh”

Series Ranking

First: DS9 & TAS 67%

Second: TOS 63%

Third: ENT 60%

Fourth: VOY 59%

Fifth: TNG 46%

So there you have it. Another week of Trek. If you disagree with anything, or have anything to add, feel free to leave a comment. Till next time.

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