Time Recklessly Alive

If time was somehow be able to be broken down into slots of life, what kind of factions of life would one see as it was, even though it wouldn’t matter it lead later in life. Thinking of it could be meant something as a passage of growing up, while having an alarm blaring in the ears. Taking slices of moments apart, to be seen not as memoires but just moments of a life.

~Start with saying: that around nineteen years ago – The Fire.~

Eyes stared out in front, watching as the wild blaze roasted the wood and brick building away. Smudging it with soot and having the rain give tear streaks running down windows below. Mocking the emotions of sadness and fear in implying a building could feel at all. While all the noises around blared on through the night. Firemen enter the building in speeds trained by years of hard work. Police walled onlookers from nearing close. News anchors swarmed around like vultures. The rain only storming harder like a moist barky bitch in heat.

The one that could see it all; would have come close in giving a smile to this madness around. If one of the busy bee paramedics didn’t block the view, tending to an open wound on the small being’s face. The night would have felt complete, yet still remaining very empty all the same.

“You’re going to be okay, son. You still with us?” The voice from above asked, adding pressure to stop the bleeding of the young six year old frown at the adult before him.

It made the child give a hiss, a feral animal would made the child be mistaken for that. Only having the kid push the hand away, giving a growl when nearing him again. Out of spite when the hand near again, two fingers were bit. One of them soon removed from the being, when seeing it would take a snap after the bite.

~Following in three years after that – The Doctor.~

“I have done the data for this. By my accounts, he’s a perfectly health child. These episodes can be treated, but what you are asking for is a bloody miracle and so injustice for his right and being.”

“I would rather have that. Than you thinking of letting this little beast be sent out there to roam freely. Up the dose! I don’t fucking care! Make it a mindless potato for all the fucks I give.”

“It’s an unethical route to take. His files don’t even match to that of the accident from those years back. A unmaintained building with bad piping of a gas leak and scuff marks on his hands, doesn’t make him a killer. He’s by anything else distance and scared. He lost his family. Acting like this normal.”

“The complaint orders tell me otherwise.”

“You need to have a warrant for me to have, in need of that information. They’re nothing but inters waiting for their raise to suddenly happen.”

“Beating around the bush here, Dr. Allen. You’ll be putting a lot at risk here by your lack of corporation value here.”

“When I see someone more than a chimp mind stand before me. I might just take your airy threats to heart. My work with the boy is sound right now and this action will be happening. He’s a child. Not a caged animal that needs to be put down.”

“For a monster like that brat. It’s damn well humane at this point.”

“You found your killer of those people. Sinopa is one of the few lucky ones that got out there alive.”

“A mistake you are making here, I’ll be back. Heavy arms if needed.”

“I will be waiting here with baited breath, you foul man.”

~Nearly half a year after that – The Favor.~

“I don’t think I can keep this promise of yours, Sinopa.”

A groan was given.

“Call it a chance here, but I doubt it will last forever.”

A muffle scream echoed when a needled was plunged into the bony thin arm, making the body more drowsy.

“It’ll be a matter of time before this happens again, but sadly I won’t be the one doing them. Shame, you have become my best patient in these quarters. I’ll greatly miss you.”

“Will the favor still apply even in this state. The offer is still there. Clear me and let me go.” The words slurred more after that, almost barely breaking a whimper of sound.

“You have been a good cavy for me. Don’t think so lowly after this nor what you have been able to help with. The body is a tool after all and how you use it, is all up to you. Though, if something that happens beyond your own will, well-”

“If anyone could tame me, marriage all the way. Damn their will as much as mine later. But doc, they won’t find me, will they?”

“When this is all over, doubtful. Though are you not being creative with your name.”

“Mama may be nuts but it was a name she loved. Don’t you dare talk down about her.”

“Forgive. Now hold still, we need to some readjusting with the bandages here.”

“Yes, sir, Dr. Quakers is the best this side of town. Yes, sir. Now make me pretty and I promise to keep my end, just for you, too.”

“Good boy.”

“You’re welcome. Now get to it.”

~Five years later – The Streets.~

The night was so young during the most of the coldest winters by far, it felt as knives fired from a machine gun showed no mercy. Fluff of snow gathering on the ground, quiet streets with large lumps hiding the spadesful of sidewalk cars, yellow tint lights breaking through the bleak nights. Long jagged teeth rows of ice nave on windowsills, power lines, and traffic signs. A barrel down on street lit in a blaze for warmth, was the lone item that break the sheer coating of winter. A small gaggle of say three ragged cloth wearing folks stood around it, chatting away like drunk rotten sailors, keeping warm in the most harshest of weathers.

“Bam halls down the liquor and wine. Cheap it ain’t but the finest puss one can find.”

“The stiff air rusted your ruse of a mind. Or whatever fuck was left of it. Gather another buck or so, we be kept warm as electric seven bow sinners.”

The third being, not saying a word, with only keeping zoned eyes on the fire before them.

“Shackles here got a bitten blister tongue here tonight.”

“With your rattles, made his mind more far gone in giving us a helping hand.”

“You’re not a prince yourself. Fuck off.”

The chatter between the two kept going, while their third friend remain quiet. Pulling closer to his being for warmth. The dull eyes swiftly moving from the fire and down the open mouth of the alley to the streets. Having the two talkers keep going, until their words were only static in the air. Void of living as a crib baby hung outside a pen play sill display.

A shine caught his dead eyes. His once outward arms, stiffed out to the fire curled into his body, under his moth bitten coat. Another flashy shine was given. And soon, with barely gurgle grunt or slur scream, the other two lay on the ground. Painting the snow below them a lovely healthy shade of deep blooming red.

The alone panted hard from the act, hands shaking until finally dropping the hunting knife by a slowly plus twitching foot. Leaning too close to the fire, burning the inside of his palm not to fall over. Hissing and cursing out to bare the pain longer. Before looking back at the open mouth alley.

“I-I did it, Fox. J-j-just like y-you said. The money now.”

Around the corner a small being clothed in much more second-handed jacket walked away from the yellow lamps, towards to the orange flames. The person pausing for only a moment, letting something fall to the ground with a tack thud. A displeasure of a scowl on the lips was seen when the man nearly signed of jump to the small wad of cash.

Looking to the bodies with unamused eyes. swiping the knife with ease.

“I was hoping for more of a show than this. Barely what I would call a ballet dance. Shame.”

“I-I haven’t b-be-been the army in years, I’m rusty. B-b-but I got it d-de-done none the less. P-problem?”

“Trigger, are we?” Fox said with a smirk, toying with something in another pocket.

“F-fuck off-f-f.”

“I bet that is just a nice thrill for you? I bet even it’s a more better high than say what petty nonce clutches go through? How nice. I have seen my fair share and you fit it just nicely. You looking or are you booking?”

The other older man stared at the younger lad, questionable in his offer to give. Yet, made no move.

“What’s your catch?”

“Everyone is lonely. It can’t be helped. Come on, be my dominant whore for just an hour. I’m not asking for much here, man.” Fox plead, pouting just a bit before pulling out something from his pocket that he was toying with during their chat.

The man’s eyes widen when seeing a larger sum of cash in hand than what he was given. Fox waved it for a bit, faming his face to tease the elder man. No other words were spoken, as the man inched closer, reaching out in hand for the cash. Yet, unknown for a second as the hidden knife upward into his open hand, splicing through flesh and bone.

Screams raked through the elder man’s voice, as he fell to his knees, curling away when feeling a swift kick just under his ribs. The pull of the knife ripped through, leaving his ring finger crooked and limped at an odd and painful angle. Another kick came to the face, knocking teeth loose and splatter of blood on the cold ground. The man made a try to crawl away, but the piercing jab of the knife in the thigh put that escape plan on pause, as a new round kicks came. One final kick was enough to lodge the jaw to the side, breaking the mold it head of a fine define skull.

Fox yanked the knife out of the thigh. Sparing a needing glance at the soaked blade, though with an upset groan. Plunged the knife into the back of the elder’s neck. Using his own body to keep the other from moving too much, sitting on the man like a carpet. Petting the thinning and gray shabby locks of the elder’s hair like an animal.

“Now, now, not everything can come that easy. What I have promised is not for you, whore in waiting or not.”

Fox twist the knife at a one-eighty angle, leaving the body pause finally. Not even inching a sigh of breath to follow out. Letting a good rush of a chuckle exit his being, before having mad cackle come in moments later. Just enough having that with him alone in the night, as he gathered the items fallen on the ground. Searching for something in the bodies to pawn and what not. Carried on into the night, just as many before and after it.

~Another fives years gone by – The Sharpshooter.~

“I honestly didn’t know that was your kill, dude. Have mercy on a cute and stupid boy, that is Fox. I haven’t known by thee-.”

“Shut up.”

“Shutting up now.”

Pale eyes glared down on the other, broken and bleeding on the ground, a gun shot wound in the arm was only a river running down his arm, as he tried and fail to put the right pressure on it.

“Give me a reason not to put a bullet in your empty head?”

“I like your style. Can’t really stop ourselves though. She look like an easy pick, with those saucy legs that go on for miles, clueless doe eyes, great fist size rack, and fine nails that show she can take care of them.”

“You noticed, too.”

The one on the ground gave a laugh before answering. “Who wouldn’t. Shock though, that you could.”

“I got a bullet with your name on it. Pick your next words wisely.”

“Touchy subject for you, got it. I’m pretty good with knives and have hips that gets any with untapped hormones a-plowing. Want to work together?”

“You’re strange.”

“Thank you and your eyes are creepy as fuck. So I know, I am shit out of luck. Come on, let me live and I’ll make it up to you.”

“I have a feeling that’s a lie.”


“Your left leg keeps thudding against the ground. Reaching for something?” The tall man asked, as he leaned down, arching his body close and his free hand near the location he spoke of.

“Uh . . . I plead the fifth.”

Swiftly the item was taken away, heavy of a weight that of a well used hunting knife. Well in need of a bleach treatment. The tall man stood at full height, giving the blade a sniff.

“You get around.” Were his only words to the younger lad on the ground.

“A passion of mine I can’t seem to let go of. Or at least that’s what we agreed on anyway.”

“Your head’s not so empty, I take it?”

“You a mind reader?”

“You’re right hand is scrapping against the ground too loudly. If you or your other selves want to punch me. Do it. Don’t think it will do much.”

“No! Let’s work together! Come on!”

“You’ll bleed out from your chirpiness.”

“It’s been a while from the last time I meant someone so neat-o. Please? I got nowhere else to go.”

“You are far more gone than I thought, wonderful. Though, given by everything else, as to everyone else in this world, boy. I think she’ll just might like you.”

“Is that a yes? And who are you speaking about?”

“In due time. What’s your name, King of Annoyance?”

“That’s my father. I’m Fox. You?”


~A half year later – The Sister.~

“Little sis, you got to see what I found down by the docks. I think it’s the break we have been looking for. No more trading with Beda.”

“Fox, that’s not ours and not a risk I want to take. Relay that to Dael, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it more than us right now.”

“Look I know you are just being safe here, but this could be a good thing for us. Little sis, please, just think this over.”

“I did once when I took you two no blights in. So watch your mouth there. The answer is no.”

“You always side with Sil on his plans. Why not mine, they’re good as the fine gold plates of Beda paper hammer weights.”

“No Fox. Pack law remember?”

“How bad can this Maddox be? Have your meant him?”

“Not planning on dying. Are you?”

“I . . . no, I don’t want to die. I’ll send it over to Dael after I have this meet up with Beda’s top guard. I am a peacekeeper by sense of I am not.”

“Another touch and go, I take it?”

“Something like that. A threat is growing and I need to send greetings to them. I hope to make it in time for dinner. Sil said you had a meal set for kings and sounds so good.”

“We shall see.”

“You know it! Bye!” Fox called out, leaving the small study room, barely bumping into Sil on the way out, before replacing Fox in the space.

Once hearing the door slam and fainted feet heading upwards on stairs, it was just the two of them.

“Told him no?”

“Yes. And your reason of being here, is because?”

“Dael said you were leaving. For how long?”

“Not sure. Didn’t have the heart to tell him.”

“You? Heaven forbid that you had one in the first place.”

“Charming. Watch out for the poor kid. Dael has had her eyes on him for a while and from sources, it might cause some problems with Beda in the future.”

“Should we run? I never really liked it here. I only stayed because Fox adores you and I have no choice.”

“Sure you don’t. It’s a bit too soon to say. If you do, it will likely be without me.”

“Fox won’t like that much. You have been his favorite clutch for a while.”

“Price I pay to handle that parasite. Though from what I found, better me than anyone else. Have you read?”

“I hear things if anything else. Big shit in this side of town. Again, if we run. Fox will likely comply more if you’re there with us.”

“Not happening. We may or may not see each other after dinner is over, at best.”

“You got a death wish or something?”

“Or something. Once you can’t see me. Take Fox and get the out of here. Even if Dael stops you, work around her. Got it?” Little sister hushed out, when hearing footsteps coming near the study.

“Sadly, I do.”

~Two and half years later – The Family.~

He didn’t know where he was, but a heist going well with a western film sunset to boot in the aftermath. Fox found himself cuffed to a steel chair in a dark and bleak room, very stale in the air with another chair in front with a narrow blocky table in the way. His head was throbbing and joins burning, while a copper leak sprang from a cut by the corner of his mouth.

“Oh, fucking shit crumpets weekends. Sil would have a-going field day with this one.” Fox groaned, leaning in best conform he could find while waiting what was to come.

Only in a matter of time when two tall stalks muscle walked in. One taking a seat in front of Fox, while the other waited by the door. Fox glancing at them for a few seconds before giving a red stain smile.

“What are you so happy about?” The one in the chair asked, one clench hand away from pounding Fox’s face in.

“You’re not cops. So, not as scary as I thought it would be.”

“You’re Dael’s off chinar, correct?”

“I don’t blow for free but you have nice eyes. I might give it a slide.” Fox replied back with a smirk, leaning close to the other, puckering his lips while whispers of baby-talk grilled into the others ears, having his grin grow with how quickly a fist came into contact to his face, cracking a painful bruised eye enough to see the other man pull the abuser away.

“Easy.” The calm one said, pulling back the angry being away.

Fox just smiled at the calm one before looking back at the other one, to say. “Aw, did I hit a nerve there, baby-boo. Is it cold between the shits or does dust work for you, smooches?”

“You little femme fucker!” The angry one yelled, about ready to strike at the other one again.

“Om, take ten. You don’t want to make the boss mad.” The calmer of the two spoke, luring the riled up one out the door, leaving just Fox and the calm one.

“So, this is just a skit you two do? Odd version of good/bad cop. Kinky almost.” Fox spoke, invested of where this was going now.

“Watch it. You just caught him at a bad day. Lover of his been giving him the cold naps.”

“Lover? What’s that? Sounds like in a science fiction novel.”

The other gave a raised eye to the other’s words. Thinking for a moment that Fox was either high and speaking what he really thought.


The calmer one sat down in the chair this time, not bothering to hide the eye roll from the others antics.

“Was it wise to tell me he has a lover? I could use that against him and your group, you know.”

“Sil’s little brother, Fox. Right?”

Fox remained silent at that point.

“Your big brother has been missing in action after a bit of crossings with Beda’s group. Looking for something or someone?”

“Likely dead. Which is fine. I hope to join them when I complete of why I came into this world. It is our job to get it done.”

“Not all there, just like they said about you. The stitching lines are faint, but it is very impressive for someone of Dr. Allen’s work.”

“Rest his soul and butt. As those were his finer things I liked about him. Glad to see he went out on a loud and high note.”

“Yona too?”

Fox made a try to take a stand from where he sat, but the cuffs kept him in place, yet inside he gloated when seeing the other jerk back.

“Right, your so called little sister. Hard to find facts on that, seeing as she is older than you.”

“Height or lack there of is more fun than a number. Take noticed of it, bud.”

“I will. And so will our boss. You took some guts there back at the fields, stupid you know?”

“It was an order. I had little choice in the matter. Your group had nothing to do with it. Sil, told me to leave you be and I did. Look where that got me? Speaking of which . . . how do you know Sil? That sightless blowhard couldn’t find darkness if he tried, let alone find someone on the dark side.”

“Names Alba.”

“You poor bastard, what a waste of a dark tan if you asked me.”

“Off topic you went, but going back . . . right, Sil, well he and one our own go back as kids. Hitting hard times and helped each other. Dael got one while the other ran for it. Favor was finally returned and you’re the bonus.”

“Sil, my big brother. Are you telling me he’s alive?”

“Are you willing to bargain with us once you see him and everything.”

“I’ll be your leather wearing BDSM bitch for all I care. Please, let me that old bastard.”

“In time. My boss wants to speak with your first though about the problem in the woods. We risked a lot of heads up to this point, doubtful you’ll get to meet them all, so play nice to the ones you do. Once it’s settled with the boss, well you know, we’ll go from there.”

“You make it sound like I’m in the green already. How will I know you will keep your end of your word?”

“You don’t. Just as much in saying Yona would loved to drop you from a cliff, a quote by Sil.”

“Sil always had a way with words. Okay. Send him in. But ah, not to be rude or anything . . . the cuff?”

“That’s boss’s choice.”


~Four and half years later – The Risk.~

“Baby, come on! It’s full proof. You never denied my ideas before. Pim!”

The called Pim busied himself on files and such, going over across the boardroom to look at the chart, graphing and planning out routes and item collecting.


“Fox, I’m working. Go play with Sil or something.”

“But my plan. As your second-in-command, I have rights to speak of how I feel about this and I think this is sound as thunder. Please.”

“And I have rights to turn it down either way, Fox.”

“You’re sleeping on the floor because I am burning the couch.”

“Please don’t, I don’t feel like buying another so soon. Leal went out of his way and got that just for you after you were done whining about cold floor movie nights. Shut it.”

“Tech boy can shove his kindness right up his lover’s asshole for all I care. Pim, you got to trust me on this one, please, you don’t know-”

“That’s the thing here, Fox, I know enough and why you want to do this. You are chasing after a fictional ghost at this point.”

“Don’t say that.”

“It’s been almost a decade, Fox. I think at this point when they’re dead, they are really dead.”

“I know Dael is pissed about this, even if it is just a rumor, I just got too. Even more now that Maddox is part of this now. Before you know Beda and everyone else will coming out of the woodwork. War is going to be hitting the streets and I need her here. I need little sis here to help us. Please, let me go.”

“It can’t and won’t be done. You are to stay here and that is final. Anything else can be handled by Leal and the others. Deal with it.”

Fox looked down to the ground, unsure of what to say, and trying to will a headache from coming.

“Do you need your pills? Loco amour, easy there-”

Fox looked up and glared fiery at Pim, before shouting out. “You just shut your goddamn mouth and don’t speak to me like I am a child! I can do this! We can do this, but we got to work together on this! Why can’t you get that?”

Pim quickly took noticed to Fox’s change, and as always meant with tone. “I’m not going to risk my gang, my family on your scouting search. Fox, it’s not that simple and you don’t even know where to start. You already hit a wall of thinking she’s with Dael and no one has come clean of seeing Yona in Maddox’s clan. Beda would want her dead and you know that. Give up.”

“I refuse to give up on family, unlike someone else here. You have your family, yes. But before you, all I had that worth a damn to me was just Sil and Yona. I lost one in a puff a smoke and another to an almost watery grave. I finally get one back and now I have a chance to get the other too. Why won’t you let me do this?! I ain’t worth all this protection! You don’t own me and if I left you now, you wouldn’t give two shits about me come summer with that whorehouse of yours. Yeah, I know about that, you-”

Pim stopped everything he did, marched up to Fox slapping him across the face. Stone cold his eyes were, but Fox didn’t yield to his stare an inch. Holding his cheek in pain, while feeling the fill of thick copper in his mouth.

“You need to wake up, come back, and relies that I am not all that keen on losing you, any time soon. And that is not a whorehouse and you know damn well why we have that homestead. So don’t push me, Fox.”

Fox gave a deep breath, eyes blinking so fast in slight ponder where he was, before finally speaking. “Anger popped out, sorry. I’ll be careful. Sorry. I won’t do anything too crazy. I’ll be tamed, promise. Just let me go look for her. I know little sis well and with my inner hound, I’ll be back before you know it.”

“While Dael and Maddox’s goons roaming so happily and freely. I don’t think so. Can you even run without limping from the last mission.”

“In the Middle East, spike beds are a sense of peace and foresight in releasing an god beyond one’s realm. If anything, I feel like a god as well.”

“No.” Pim stated firmly, pressing a kiss on Fox’s lips as a final nail to the coffin to their fight, leaving no room for anything further as he turned away to go back to his work table.

“Pim!” Fox pleaded again, to Pim’s turned back, letting the silence between run thick for a second before a sound broke out.

A knock at the door that broke it, leading for a new face entering.

“What is it now, Xylon?” Pim asked, with a heavy sigh of thankfulness that Fox was remain quiet for the time being.

“Leal found something on the tapes. I think you and Fox should take a look at this.”

~A few months later – The Remark.~

Everything was coming together, slowly but surely. If nothing went south quickly, nightly war echoes will have simply put, go away. Much on that mindset, that’s where Pim went along with, once again back in the boarding room, slaving away at his work.

Not even taking a chance to glance up when a knock came at the door. Following the clicks of it opening and closing.


“Whatever it is Yona, it will have to wait, I’m busy.”

“I finally want to come clean and this how you treat it? Wonderful, I can see why Fox likes you so much.”

“I could say the same to you. He’s fond about you as well, for a pussy with a fang-hook scope.”

“Comes with the terroir. But, since we are talking about Fox, this makes things a little easy now.”

“What about Fox?”

“There is a reason why I was at the broken bridge on my last blood drive, it also involves Beda.”

“What about that bastard?”

“Fox is in trouble and so will you if you don’t rethink this plan of yours.”

“You haven’t been here that long, don’t think you can place yourself so high.”

“It’s only a matter of time before this is out in the open and yeah, that’s going to hell. I’m a snitch with secrets, you know that . . . most of them don’t. I am able to twist the truth just as easy, so no one will know, unless you say it. Beda is much closer to Fox than you think, I would look into a homeward fire that happened about eighteen years back.”


“He doesn’t know and his mind will likely not let him say anything. Fox has been off the wagon for a long time, boss, and just now Maddox makes sense on why he wanted Fox as his own terms. More than just a bed warmer that is.”

“I’m listening.”


~Precisely nineteen years later – The Time.~

“You know, Yona, that was very stupid of you to go in there without backup. Leal could have helped, and not stutter on the phone with me.” Fox stated, as he applied a wetting cloth against Yona’s bleeding chin, barely even making a hissing sound when the cloth stung.

“Just hurry up. I want something to eat and sleep after the report is done.”

“Sil is going to blow a gasket the next time any of Beda’s walkers come by. I oddly don’t pity them at all.”

“Where is your compassion, Fox?”

“What? Are you saying this is not like me?”

“Not the Fox I know. Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m still upset you left without me, I could have help.”

“Maybe, but then who would have handled that subway electric rod road gone right?”

“True. True on that, little sis.”

“Though, if I plan on puffing out. Best not to follow.”

“I don’t think that will be happening.” Fox stated, finally placing a Band-Aid tape wrap on the side of her face, while soon they sit in Yona room, for once not at each other’s throat, talking.

“You can’t control life, Fox.”

“No. But I have time on my side, it’s reckless and alive, just like me. And I got until I die. Beda won’t know what hit him.”

“Like father, like son.”

“I still find that creepy . . . but-”

“But what? Changing your outside won’t fool the demons. Even the ones in your head thought it was smart, kid. Going to have to deal with that.”

“It can’t be true, can it? Even after everything I went through, the shadow comes back.”

“You don’t want it to be true, but it is. Funny thing about time though, is that yeah, it be reckless, and sadly it can repeat itself too.”

“Without knowing?”

“Have you seen our world, Fox? The people couldn’t be anymore dense than a brick if one were to throw them out a bulletproof window glass frame.”

“Time recklessly alive and I’m paying for it.”

“Hopefully not with your life. You got something good here happening, Fox. Don’t lose it now.”

“But I don’t want to lose anything, Yona. Nothing.”

“Everything is already planned out. It’s going to happen and all you can do, is beat out what the outcome could be. You have a chance.”

“At the price of what?”

“The future and it blindly already settling in. And I can see it, you’ll win. Things will work out.”

“How do you know?”

“I’m just like you, Fox. Good at what I can do and give it my all.”

“I’m scared.”


“I’m not ready.”

“Too bad.”

“I could kill myself.”

“Pim and the others won’t let you. I won’t let you. And Sil would likely beat you to it, so tough.”

“Thanks, I needed that.”

The End.





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