The Creature’s BABSCon 2017 Experience

Well, another Brony Convention has come around and this time it returns to the San Francisco Bay area in the form of BABSCon. Thankfully, I was able to attend it in full this time since the trip last time didn’t go very well. With that in mind, I decided to share my experience on the trip with you.




Much like last year, it was held at the Hyatt Regency near SFO airport. It’s a very big hotel which makes it a pretty good location to hold a convention there (apparently there are other conventions held there as well aside from this one).



Guests of Honor

Tara Strong


Voice actress for not only Twilight Sparkle, but also a voice actress for Teen Titans, The New Batman Adventures, Danny Phantom, Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls, Drawn Together, Hello Kitty, and many other cartoons over the past Thirty Years (She was the one I was definitely the most excited to meet at this convention).


Ashleigh Ball


Voice actress for both Applejack and Rainbow Dash as well as the singer for the band Hey Ocean! Apparently, from what I’ve heard, she doesn’t go to that many brony conventions so she was one the most popular for autographs.


Tabitha St. Germain


Voice Actress for Rarity, Princess Luna, Derpy/Muffins, Granny Smith, Mrs.Cake, Photo Finish, Suri Polomare, and many others on the show. One of the more unique things about her convention appearances is that she has Convention-Exclusive panels that have her and her fellow voice actors (and some community guests) act out scripts that she wrote for the convention.


Peter New


Voice Actor for Big Mac and Doctor Whooves. Much like his fellow voice actors, he hosted a Voice Actor panel and appeared as a part of the Script Reading panel. While I did already meet him back at Pacific Ponycon last year, I got an autograph from him this time (I will admit it was a shame hardly anyone went to his table).


Mike Vogel


One of the screenwriters for the series. Some of his episodes include “A Hearth’s Warming Tail”, “Spice Up Your Life”, and the Season Six Finale “To Where and Back Again”.  He and Nick Confalone hosted a Screenwriters panel for the series and had a panel where he was interviewed. He wasn’t available for Autographs so I didn’t get the chance to meet him.


Nick Confalone


One of the screenwriters for the series. Some of his episodes include “No Second Prances”, “Dungeons & Discords”,  and “Party Pooped”. He hosted the Screenwriters panel with Mike Vogel. Along with Mike, I didn’t get the chance to meet him at the con (although he was available for autographs).


Andy Price


The primary artist for the MLP comic series. He and Tony Fleecs hosted an MLP Comics Panel as well as a panel for Kids to help them draw. He was often found in the vendor hall selling prints and working on commissions.


Tony Fleecs


One of the artists for the MLP comic series. Much like Andy, he was often in the Vendor Hall working on commissions for guests and selling prints of his work.


Community Guests

Like all of these conventions, While I may not have been able to cover all of the community guests they had there at the con (like Silver Quill, Dr. Wolf, Magpiepony, ToonCriticY2k,etc.), I’ll talk briefly about the ones that I got to meet personally.


ACRacebest & Saberspark


(I don’t think there will be a MLP convention where you won’t find these two around.)

Both being members of the Bronies React team along with Race being a Demolition Derby driver and Saber being a YouTube analyst. Both hosting a panel for both of them, the Bronies React panel, and the Who’s Line panel. It’s always fun to see them again at these conventions.




Community voice actor and creator of audio dramas for Creepypastas and Grimdark stories. She, along with Magpiepony, hosted a panel on MLP Grimdark stories and was a part of the MLP LGBTQ panel and Magpie’s Pinkie Tales.




The Manliest Brony. He hosted a Hoofwrestling panel and join AC & Saber for the Bronies React panel.




Creator of Little Miss Rarity. He was mostly in the Vendor hall doing commissions and selling some of his work. It was pretty cool to see him again.


Selfie Pony


Much like a lot of the conventions, he was going around taking selfies with lots of different people from the convention. I’m probably going to be seeing him a lot more often at these conventions (my friend is a part of his team).



Panel Highlights

Of course, every con has their special panels and this one had plenty to go around.


Script Reading 

With the Conventions where Tabitha is a guest, she writes her own scripts for them and has several of the fellow guests read them with her. This time she read it with Tara, Ashleigh, Peter, Andy Price, and the winners of the Voice Acting competition The Voice: Equestria. No video or photos were allowed during the panel so it’s definitely a treat to watch.


Season 7 Premiere

On that Saturday Morning, they had the new season premiere streamed in the Main Hall for everyone to watch early that morning.


MLP Grimdark: Friendship is Spooky!

TheLostNarrator and Magpiepony talk about what makes a good Grimdark/Creepypasta story and talk about some of the works.


Bronies React

ACRacebest, Saberspark, and Dustykatt got together to talk about the Youtube series and some interesting stories they’ve had about making the series.


Screenwriting Panel

Mike Vogel and Nick Confalone got together and talked about writing for the series.


SFM Animation Panel

Some of the fandom’s Source Filmmaker animators got together and talked about using it with MLP.



The Concert event they had on Saturday Night which included brony musicians Garnika, Eurobeat Brony, TAPS, Chang31ing, Chi-Chi, and surprisingly Alex S.



Overall, it was a fun convention. I’m glad I was able to attend the whole con this time and meet some of the special guests they had. The final convention I have planned this year, so far, is Equestria LA in November in Anaheim.



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