The Cartoon Physicist’s Noughtie List – Toolbox Murders

Physicist returns from wherever the hell she’s been to do a (late) Halloween review in honour of the late Tobe Hooper.

(It was very much intended to be released on Halloween when it was filmed, sorry that it’s late.)

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  1. t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    Hey, even if Chirstmas comes around the corner, I wouldn’t mind seeing some horror during that holiday. Because personally, X-mas can be downright scary much like Halloween, but there is like no punchline to save it. That kind of deal. But this was really great and sounds like a fun idea.

    Makes me want to look into some directors alive and gone of their past work, and just have fun with it. I mean out of most genres horror and animation, that is a big list there alone to look through, talking about 700 plus, to just weed out and no counting other genres, so yeah. Might have to keep that in mind is all.

    Going back to this, it was a lot of fun to how process goes when making a mock-buster, looking forward to the next films to come. And yeah, I gave this a bloody skipped and this about as close I got to it, good to know it wasn’t a waste, bravo work overall!

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