That Goodbye

The matters of how this will out won’t be what you want,
say everything you want to say to make yourself better,
doesn’t change the fact of how those words meant later,
what you didn’t mean is far to a lie than ever before,
you want me to be there for you because you are scared,
tell me what is wrong and don’t you dare covered it up,
it doesn’t change the fact after this as you lied onward,
have some faith in me that I wouldn’t leave you like that,
keep in mind I have a life too and I want to see it through,
I can’t always be there for you at times and you got to stand tall,
by yourself and see where it goes of how you see life fights back,
say what you want from how this plays out fine by me as of now,
I am your friend and always will be but you can’t like this,
and I think I won’t see you different by your actions,
let us take a break from this and meet again later,
I want my life and you need to find life before you know it,
all what you know is gone just like this as I say goodbye.




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