Tenma’s Grim Reviews: “Fiend is Like Friend Without the R”

Howdy folks. Tenma back again with another Grim Review. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but I’m back at it with “Fiend is Like Friend Without the R”.


Our story begins with Billy watching the “Dinobonoids” program. They do their typical “full on friendship” shtick. Afterward, Billy goes outside to throw around his “Frisboid”, which is just a Frisbee. It ends up in a junkyard. Suddenly, a giant hole forms and a tentacle rises up to take Billy away. Mandy and Grim find the hole and Billy’s helmet, but couldn’t care less. As they leave, tentacles take them down the hole as well. The culprit is revealed to be Nergal, a demon living in the Earth’s core. Nergal wants to take Grim’s “friends” off his hands. Grim accepts the offer in a heartbeat, and goes off to enjoy his new freedom. Billy is okay with this, while Mandy clearly doesn’t want to be stuck in the center of the Earth. Grim takes it upon himself to smash Billy’s Dinobonoid toys. One of toys malfunctions and repeats “Full on friendship” a few times before shutting down. This is enough to convince Grim to save the kids. Meanwhile, Billy is getting sick of Nergal as well. Grim comes in to save the kids, but Nergal puts up a fight by electrocuting Grim with his tentacles. Grim is in dire straits when Mandy simply kicks Nergal in the shin, and everyone goes home.


This is another episode that would have benefited from an 11 minute run time. It seemed a bit rushed, especially the ending. Grim is instantly convinced by a toy and Nergal is defeated by a kick to the shin. The anticlimax was meant for comedy, but I don’t think it was well-executed. We didn’t spend enough time with Nergal for that ending to get much of a laugh. The ending shot with Billy talking to the cardboard cutout of Mandy is almost funny. Key word: almost. That’s one of the few times that the episode got anywhere close to comedy. A few extra minutes would’ve fleshed out the story a bit, but it wouldn’t have made the episode much more entertaining.

I was debating long and hard about the rating this time.

I give “Fiend is Like Friend Without the R” a rating of: Bad

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