Ten Awesome Ad Campaign’s That I Just Love!!

Last week I talked about advertising campaigns which just drove me nuts. So it seemed only fair to look at the other side of the coin. After all a good ad campaign does more than just inform you about the product. It gives ads you almost look forward to seeing, and in some cases the slogan and/or sales mascot in the ads become so popular that they become icons, growing beyond the ad, and become part of pop culture.


For example, can you believe there is an ad that was made in the 70’s that I remember seeing in the 80’s? Impossible! Not if it’s this one..




Once again this has to be a series of ads. Also no cartoon mascots, I’ve covered that before in another list (so no Energizer Bunny which is the best example ever!)



This is NOT you’re Father’s Oldsmobile

If I’m wrong please correct me, but these are the ads that made the phrase “it’s not your father’s…” popular. Of course in this case these were not your father’s Oldsmobile. To highlight this they would have children of celebrities talking about how much cooler their car is than their parents. A great idea, and the actual celebrities even appeared! Here’s an examples :




Why yes, Leonard Nimoy did do one too..





Direct TV

I hate Direct TV but you have to love the marketing gimmick they had a few years ago. With the cool CGI we have today, they took scenes from classic movies and put had the actor (in character) talk about how cool DirectTV is-in the scene from the movie! I’d post all of these if I could, but will settle fgor this one that I love for..obvious reasons. Yes I know of the controversy with two of them, not getting into that.






Where’s The Beef?/Dave Thomas

Made this a tie since it’s the same company. Funny how I have more 80’s one’s on here. What do you get when you take an adorable old lady and get her to repeat a simple phrase? You get one of the most iconic ads from the 80’s. The lady’s name was Clara Peller by the way.









You Got the Right One Baby!

Ah the 80’s…well, early 90’s anyway. I hate Pepsi, but how can you resist this one? Ray Charles singe this catchy jingle which is still remembered today.





What’s in Your Wallet?

Ok not gonna lie these ads got old.  They could have easily made last week’s list. But, the truth is they were cute and memorable. The gimmick was usually the same, someone thinks they are going to crushed by credit card fees (symbolized by everything from vikings to natural disasters), until a fiend tells him about the Capital One card. And has someone who has one, these ads are crap. But still clever! Until they tried to make the vikings characters akin to the Geico Cavemen and it got..stupid.







Time to Make the Donuts

These ads were awesome! So simple and yet so effective. If I told these Dunkin Donuts ads were about a tired guy whining he has to make the donuts, you’d probably laugh, But Fred the Baker was so charming these ads lasted for years well into the 90’s. Oh sure the gimmicks were changed a bit but it was always Fred. Until he retired in 1997. As a resident of Boston, where the chain originated, I can tell you he was HUGE!







So some may prefer the Geiko Gecko but I love Flo. She is so awesome! Played by Stephanie Courtney she makes every ad memorable. Yeah these ads have been running for over ten years and they’re getting old (the name your own price tool? really?) but she still rocks! You’ll notice in the ad she calls it Progressive.com…that’s funny!





American Express

I had to have one celerity endorsement on here. I mentioned before that usually these are lame. Candice Bergen did annoying ads for Sprint (the dime lady? really?), William Shatner’s Princeline ad’s are just lame, and I already mentioned Jason Alexander’s stupid KFC ads. Only a few celebrities can pull off endorsement, like Bill Cosby with Jello. But I loved these Seinfeld ads for American Express and the one below is a fantastic ad, period.







“The Best Stuff on Earth”

I loved the Snapple lady! I’m not kidding when I say that these ads got me interested in Snapple, and even trying it back in college. Have never had it since, but I digress. She’s sets up the ads but still managed to be memorable.







It’s a Good Time for the Great Taste….


When I was a kid I had a record that had the McDonald’s Menu Song, it was an ad gimmick and if you listened to the end and the people on the record finished the song you won! The people on my record did not finish the song. But what a great idea. Yes this happened:





A lot better than the lame Pepsi Challenge, a stupid taste test that I did try once. Just because I can tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke doesn’t mean I prefer Pepsi to Coke! Anyway, trying to pick just one from McDonald’s is almost impossible (seriously I could do a whole list just for them) so I will just leave this ad..so simple and so awesome








So since I ended with a quintessential 80’s ad, I decided to include one from the early 90’s. And since I have ignored my favorite soft drink, here is a great ad from Coke. Yeah say what you want about her, I love Paula Abdul’





Here’s something I always wondered, why do DIET soda’s get all the push? Anyway,  I sure  could have go on and on but will stop here. Did I miss your favorite? Comment and let me know.

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  1. les
    les says:

    Hi RichB. Well…if you’re gonna tribute the ads of the 1980’s you need to have the Federal Express ad with John Moschitta Jr who delivers the fastest talking, completely straight faced lines while an assistant goes 90 MPH behind him on the office machines. Seriously…this guy was so famous for his fast delivery, the Academy Awards hired him to explain all the rules of the Academy Voting in 30 seconds(and he pulled it off!). He also did commercials for Micro Machines. I also used to love the Alaska Airlines commercials that made fun of “No Frills” flying on the other airlines. Great list, my friend. Peace.

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