Tamed Cages

Some feelings just end up in cages,
to be locked away not because,
they are not needed or be tamed,
but that’s how they feel as well,
when they wish to not bother,
helping one emote outright,
call it a fact in the end there,
but in most cases,
someone might get it,
or search into seeing the truth,
why some say it hurts to smile,
why it’s wonderful to cry,
numb for pain or clarity,
being ill or angry,
just makes one tried,
to weak to give a damn about anything,
everything is just coming all at once,
and you yourself,
don’t want anything to do with it,
be it that might in your interest or not,
in shown to be worthless is astound-met,
a greeting that came out of nowhere,
but by morning,
will it really be there,
or did the keys find a way to the cages,
over not giving a shit anymore,
you wanted to complain about everything,
just everything that it rage and enlighten,
anyone just about anyone as it went along,
it couldn’t be right,
nor would be wrong,
yet there is a reason now-a days,
why some just say,
it hurts to smile,
while watching suffering is easier,
it’s been a while for something good,
for anyone,
even those who found good,
how long will it last,
when a tear doesn’t want to fall,
no blades to skin,
you are just sitting there,
taking it all in,
wasting away,
refusing to feel and letting laying dogs be,
I guess now,
it won’t matter much,
even laughs have their cues,
and that thought alone,
is for some reason scary.




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