Standstill Story

Just do what is told,
and follow through the thick,
though many never return the same,
it’s a harsh winter war we all must,
just must face in the light of day,
for now though,
for the sake of getting by in the end,
just listen,
not just to one thing but the whole story,
it will take a long process if done right,
but know the payoff is worth it later,
even by most accounts it feels like a standstill,
at times,
that’s what it is half the time,
but the time through it,
won’t be a wasted wither mission left in the dust,
one can do so much more,
by actually going for that extra mile,
sure it sounds tiring as it comes,
but one’s worth in work,
reflects you as it comes later,
so ask yourself by this then,
does your work speak out you and what matters,
bias as it could come but that’s why one listen,
then breathes to take it in,
than reply not out of hate or confusion,
just that of an . . .
that could work,
though what about this,
back and forth,
sounds nice in theory,
but in practice,
well ain’t life sure full of surprises,
when everyone is just for something like that,
in their own way.




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