Squeaks and Hits Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The First Quiet Hello

Not long in wait, summer flight school was near. The very sight of entering into the school yard, sent a sure swell of pride, within inches to what Rainbow Blitz was seeing. It was a new start and nothing was going to hold him back from that. Dark pink eyes scanned the area around him, letting him soak it all in. He couldn’t be anymore ready.

A small shove pulled him from his daydreaming, looked over his shoulder and saw a scrawny light cream color filly, shaking so much it could mock the leaves on a autumn cascade. Her light pink mane covered a good amount of her face, down casting from anyone to see. She shook only more when seeing the cause of it, spoke out, and not too kindly.

“Watch where you’re going, Klutzershy.”

The other only shook, with a small whimper. The moment Rainbow Blitz saw a tear run down her face, stepped in.

“Hey back off. From how I see it, you bumped into her you. Why not apologize before some pony makes you.” Rainbow Blitz stated, turning slowly to face the colts, larger ones but near his age, while carefully moving the filly away from them.

The three just eyed each other, before looking back the smaller colt, trying hard not to burst out into laughing. Mocking away at the two of them, before flying off near a cloud to watch some of the more wiser flyers.

“Jerks.” Rainbow Blitz mumbled, before ending it with a sigh and turning to face the filly, that was shockingly a few inches talker than him if she were to stand up straight. He only a gave a slight pout to that before shaking it off, and speaking out the filly. “Hey . . .”

His tone seemed a tad too loud, as she flinch to the sound of the word forming. Nerves kicking in again, he tried again, but softer.

“Are you okay?”

The tightly closed lids of her eyes, peeked at him, through caution slits. Glancing around them to see they were alone. She carefully stood straighter than before, true as he thought, out height him by a few inches, just under her muzzle. She gave a nod, inching away from him and the entrance in case more Pegasus came flying in.

Rainbow Blitz tilted his head, taking a few steps to that of her backing away. He tried for a friendly smile to her, as she rose her head a little farther out from her large layers of light pink hair. She glanced at his smile and looked away.

“So, umm, I guess we’re flyer camp buddies. Awesome huh?” Rainbow Blitz said, likely knowing he won’t get a reply, but he was at least trying to be nice.

His ears perked when she made a squeak to speak. And how familiar it was to him. Responding with a light eye roll to that.

“Ah, I get it. I know that squeak anywhere. So your my afternoon school alarm clock. Well, nice to finally meet you. I’m Rainbow Blitz and you are . . . hopefully not whatever those jerks called you. What was it? Klutzsky or something?”

She gave another squeak to him, it almost sounded like words.


“Sorry, what was that?”

The voice level only dropped more when she tried again. “Fluttershy.”

“Wow, I didn’t ever think for someone to break the silence level. You win.” Rainbow Blitz said in a teasing yet good nature tone, smiling at her shyness as again, she woven into a tight ball. Another sigh echoed out of him, before he spoke again. “I hope doesn’t seem rude to you. And I want to sign up for actives quickly, I hope you don’t mind me calling you Squeakers. Because, sorry, really I am, I just couldn’t catch your name.”

Squeakers looked at him, in some kind of wonderment. To herself, out of nicknames she had ever gotten, this one didn’t sound like it was ill will in anyway. To that, she gave a tiny smile, one if one were to blink they would miss it, as she gave a nod.

“Cool. Well, I’ll see you around Squeakers. Stay out of trouble, okay? If you can’t, you know where to find me. Later!”

And like, with a soft trail of a rainbow off to the sky, Fluttershy was alone. She didn’t mind, it was a good kind of aloneness. This is one didn’t feel like it was meant to be hurtful.

“All new students flyers be sure to come on the eastern building for room and actives sign up.”

The broadcast was short and to the point, in which, she did as she was told and started on her day. Personally a good high note.




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