SPOTLIGHT: Expressionist of the Month – September 2017

Michael the Comic Nerd has been an Expressionists for quite some time now, and a prolific one at that. A reviewer of movies and video games, mostly comic book related, Michael has looked at everything from Superman Returns to… Magic Mike XXL? …What?

Any way, Michael is a natural in front of the camera, both funny and insightful with his reviews. He’s also ambitious, as is evidence by getting the voices of Wako, Yako, and Dot to do an intro for his videos. Michael wasn’t content to just meet these childhood favorites, he put them to work! That’s what I call balls!

Over the years Manic Expression has changed. Once upon a time, when we first started out, we used to think of ourselves as your friendly neighborhood dive bar. Our clientele was small, but everyone knew everyone else and was always glad to see one another. It’s hard to have that kind of intimate feel when there are now thousands of people registered to this site, from active members to retired Expressionists to people who just like to come and watch us do our stuff.

Michael is the kind of guy who reminds me of what it was like in the beginning, when everything was new and fun. He’s a great guy to have around the site, not just because he puts out quality content, but because he’s accessible. When you go to YouTube and watch reviews by people who have “made it,” they often times come off as distant. They placate their audience, and you know that they see themselves as above you in some way. That’s not the case with Michael.

And so, as a fellow comic nerd, I salute Michael. His very presence on this site makes it a better place to be, and I hope he sticks around for a long time.

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