SPOTLIGHT: Expressionist of the Month – March 2017

According to Angel Bob’s profile here at Manic Expression, she is 15 years old. …Really? Dammit I’m old! As a fellow writer I can remember where I was at in my craft when I was 15 and how far I’ve come in the 20 plus years since then. If that will be the case for Angel Bob, all I can say is “wow.”

I respect anyone who writes “in the raw,” as I like to say. A lot of people like to write from their souls, but people like Angel Bob stand there with a blade and flay themselves for their readers. They put on display their deepest fears about themselves, about the world around them. They can show you beauty, but they can also give you a glimpse at their nerve endings. That takes courage.

Angel Bob is brave. Where others her age might chose to sticky to bubble gum, she dove right into punk. She’s someone who can’t write false sentiments, can’t give air to a lie. Angel Bob is my idea of a warrior poet, attacking her work with passion in search of something true to show the world.

Writing is hard and often times unrewarding. Sometimes we only write for ourselves, because we live in a world where people don’t take the time to read any more. When you’re a prolific writer, like Angel Bob or T-Kun, you’ll have work that you love that is totally glossed over by people.
Yet the world needs writers. Without writers, without poets, how much poorer a world would we live? When the Internet goes down, when there is no electricity to play a movie or a song, books will still be there. Something as fragile as a piece of paper with some ink scrawled on it will still be blowing around for people to find and be inspired by.

The world needs poets. The world needs Angel Bob.

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  1. angel-bob
    angel-bob says:

    I feel incredibly honored and humbled to be receiving this reward. It means a lot to me, and it seems unreal that my work has been noticed in such a big way. Thank you James, and T-kun and everyone else who has supported me and been so kind.

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