SPOTLIGHT: Expressionist of the Month – January 2018

Happy New Years, Manic Expression! …So, 2017 kind of sucked, huh? Yeah, 2017 was the year that no one wanted and everyone suffered through. Can 2018 be better? Only if we once again let love be our house.

…Like a House of Love.

…Funky Monkey. We’e talking about Funky Monkey.
Funky Monkey is an old school kind of reviewer, the kind that inspired many of us to begin a life of trying to get attention on-line. He mixes comedy with his critique of movies, both old and new. Where he differs from many of those classic YouTube critics is that he is fair. Whereas other critics go for low hanging fruit and attack movies everyone hates, Funky Monkey will give a fair shake to something reviled, like say Ghostbusters 2.

We live in a world where taking the piss out of something is applauded, while finding the good in just about anything is called naive. Funky Monkey isn’t a sappy hippie crying out for us to love everything, he just gives credit where it’s due. Goodwill doesn’t always equal clicks, which is why so many critics attack instead of analyze. Funky Monkey takes his time and gives us real thoughts and honest criticism.
He also uses the Manic Expression logo in the beginning of his videos. How can I not love this guy!

In researching this article I noticed many of Funky Monkey’s videos have been removed, I’m assuming by the vile YouTube system that fails to understand the term “fair use.” I offer him the chance to use the Manic Expression Springboard channel, as I offer it to everyone else. I’m not going to lie: We haven’t made any money in a long time, but at least we’re free to post without having to worry about all our work being ripped down by YouTube.

So here’s to Funky Monkey, and to a better 2018!

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  1. chris-lang
    chris-lang says:

    Me, I didn’t think Ghostbusters 2 was that bad, either, so it’s nice to see some people give the film its due. It’s good to see people do fun and funny, but also fair reviews of things.

    Anyway, congrats to Funky Monkey and hopefully he’ll find more outlets to share his video reviews.

    As for Youtube, don’t get me started. At times it seems like its feelings on fair use are the same as Trump’s feelings on climate change – they think it’s a hoax (or at least feel the real money is with siding those who feel it’s in their interests to deny the existence of those concepts).

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