SPOTLIGHT: Expressionist of the Month – February 2018

Some of us talk about making a difference and some of us act. I, like many of you, was upset when I heard how YouTube planned to stop paying out to content creators who didn’t, in their view, have enough subscribers. This was yet another in a long line of dick moves made by the site we once all had such high hopes for. YouTube and Google dominate the Internet, and most people could care less about the plight of people like many of us who had hoped to monetize our work. It’s easy, then, to just shrug our shoulders and say, “Well, nothing more to be done.”

Thats not what Painkiller did though. After posting a savage take down of YouTube here on Manic Expression, Painkiller headed over to Facebook and created a Facebook page called Small YouTube Creators (find Painkiller on Facebook by his real name, Dan Crocker, to ask how to join). Its a place for all of us who have yet to break into YouTube’s select group of oh-so-special producers, support each other, and try to figure out some solutions.

I’ve known Painkiller since the old days on TGWTG, and this is very much in keeping with his character. A devoted father and a hell of a great guy, Painkiller is one of the reasons I wanted to start Manic Expression. I remember raging comments section where his reasonable remarks were twisted, sad little trolls that mocked him for how genuine he was with his feelings. He never gave up, nor did he back down. He was strong in the face of such ignorance, and I admired him greatly for that.

The world doesn’t own us anything. Many of us will never be YouTube stars. Manic Expression has produced a couple of people who’ve gone on to the big leagues, but thats out of thousands of members. Fame is a long shot, but it’s a shot we all should be allowed to take a swing at. Limiting who can and cannot monetize their content creates a system where no one can rise up and find an audience, and where Google can profit off the hard work we all do.

I don’t know what the answer is, nor does Painkiller. He’s just out there, offering a place for us all to go and try to figure something out together. I’ve always said that we’re stronger as a community on-line than we are as individuals. With people like Painkiller leading the way, we’re stronger still.

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  1. t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    You forgot to bring up that his wide arrange of beer tasting. Which is something I just enjoyed from him when he was posting around and such. And seeing him make a big comeback as he did, it was very welcoming and a grand sight to see that there could be a whole lot more to give, if, you know, someone dared tried . . . YouTube . . . anyway, this was a great choice for the month, James. Nicely done.

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  2. painkiller
    painkiller says:

    So, waking up this moring I see this link. I click it and see this.

    Im humbled by this! Thank you very much, this came as a shock.

    Like James I was angry, Im still a bit upset. I have a channel that makes pennies a day woth hardly and views and hardly any subs in the five years Ive been on You Tube.

    I’ve been down the Blip line where I was removed for “content they dont want” a year before they died. I was on working on a fan base to get noticed and started getting people to watch and follow… Before they went under. This You Tube change then followed on the heels. Im watching friends give up because they dont feel their time and effort is worth losing the views because it wont show up on searches as they arent part of the partner program. Im watching people lose independent partners drop.. Or force them to be removed due to not being in the 1000k/4000k club. Thats pretty sad too.

    So yeah Im trying to help people out be making a small group for everyone to try to make their own way. Maybe give a thought or two or watch 30 mins in the background while they type an email after giving a sub if they so choose.

    I know I dont do things daily in here (last time was 4 months ago) but I do a lot of booze vids, you guys have killer content and for people giving up because of You Tube thats not right, be passionate about what you do and if we help where You Tube wont. Then maybe we all will see that next goal reached that You Tube took away.

    Again… Thank you for this! And for everyone at Manic Expression keep kicking ass!

    “Just a lurker from the shadows drinking a beer”

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