Sorry Karma

I guess I am sorry for a lot of things,
but of how things are working out now,
I didn’t think this could be karma,
biting me right in the fucking ass here,
I am just doing what I can to do good,
I want to be helpful to them as I can be,
yet I am pushed to the side because of others,
reason why I feel sorry but won’t say it a loud,
because I don’t see a good reason to say it,
nor to the right person to hold onto to those words,
so I am just on the lost side of things here,
others are meaning well of things here,
and I am trying not to step on anyone toes,
but at this point I feel like breaking them,
progress is a friend to me now and I am sorry,
that no one else is letting grow from here,
I am sorry for a lot of things right now,
I am not sorry for you being a cackle fiend.




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