Small Numbers

To create a life,
some say it starts as something small,
like a code of numbers,
just a thought to bubble,
with in the brain that holds no bounds,
though unclear if the content will be good,
the results always speak volumes,
that it becomes down right scary later on,
by who knows what it could mean later,
but to stick their own laws,
of how a free mind can be,
things could be looking up,
if one was to try to see it like too,
so by your standers and I,
our little world got a bit brighter,
even if we have no idea why,
just knowing is enough for now,
the reason is for those to come later,
give them something to do,
so at least everyone gets a chance,
it sounds like a risk for disaster,
but by the logic we know now,
seems to be,
that’s how we got this far now,
so . . .
is there anyway we can do it again,
or is that too much for minds of many?




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