Silent Encounters Chapter 9 Part 3

Chapter 9: The Secrets part 3; Letting It Pass as Is

The animal shelter was living; a nice change of pace, for it was becoming donation event and give an animal a home, it just a nice way to start off the end of summer and launch of autumn, it was peaceful. Fluttershy busying herself, with grooming a golden Labrador, in time for the large dog breed adoption event time.

“You are going to fluffed up for your new owners, yes you are.” Fluttershy cooed to the young lab, scrubbing its sides.

“Hey, you still back here Flutters, is big girl Kizmit ready?” Called a voice behind her, looking over her should, with a smile.

“Just about, hold on!” She answered, off looking for a towel as fast as she could, but was too late, as the lab shook most of the water off, getting both of the worker.

Both shuddering with laughter, Fluttershy moving in to get the rest of the remaining wetness off the dog, leaving her and co-worker douse in dog bath water. Tender Fluttershy was, soon the dog was clean, rushing over to the co-worker, begging no doubt for treats.

“Know this Kizmit, I never liked you . . . but here you go.” The co-worker stated to the dog, reaching in her shirt pouch for a treat, tossing it in the air for the lab to catch, leaving for the co-worker saying. “Despite that, I could almost miss you.”

Fluttershy gave a laugh to the humor tone her co-worker was using, going to dismiss the bath tub to drain it, and cleaning up the bathing area. Hearing her co-worker and the dog bonding behind her, soon turning to them, when finally done; glancing at the clock for the time, surprise for how much has passed.

“How is everything going out front, Tealove?” Fluttershy asked tossing the remaining of dirty towels into a basket to wash later.

“Fine for the most part, we haven’t gotten nearly as much donations as of last year, but we are making due. Seven pets now have homes; I think that alone should count for something.”

Fluttershy gave a nod, with a reply. “Agreed, you think we’ll have anyone thinking of having Kizmit here?” Ending with eyeing the dog, just giving lots of love to Tealove, who tried to push her off her hip when jumping for more treats with glee when finally getting another one, making both the girls laugh the cuteness of it all, Kizmit was too cute for her own good, both shelter workers noticed that.

“Well, umm, if no one does this time. I think I will.”

“Really, she can be a handful, are you sure?”

Tealove gave a shrug, now stroking Kizmit head, with a fondling smile. “My new apartment allows animals; it would be nice to have someone greet me when I get home. Though knowing Kizmit, it’s going to be in mess.” Tealove said, smirking, glancing to the dog, while scratching the ears, adding. “Though, it would make most days not boring anymore.”

“That’s great Tealove . . . I was thinking of getting another pet too.”

“Fluttershy, I think you have enough pets.”

“But I love them.” Fluttershy replied back, moving over to the hamster cages, poking a finger in and stroking a large hamster that moved close for the pet, which made her gush a bit, at the movement.

“And the animal kingdom thanks you for all your kindness and love, but I doubt your house is big enough for another pet. Besides won’t Angel bully them?”

A whine came from Kizmit upon hearing that name, making both girls look to the dog’s way.

“See . . . and Kizmit only met Angel once, and now she’s scared straight.” Tealove applied, tending to Kizmit, to calm the lab.

“Angel is not a bully.”

“He bit me when I stayed over and slept on his couch. He is evil.”

“He’s a sweetie, besides he doesn’t hate everyone.”

“Your cousin Discord doesn’t count, he’s family, and he gets a pass because of it.”

Fluttershy gave a pout, though choose not to say anything in return, bypassing on what Tealove avowed.

“Still, thanks for covering for Infinity, he’s been meaning to get this job promotion for awhile, so again thanks for coming on short notice.”

“It’s fine, the tea shop is normally slow this time of season, might as well be somewhere it’s not boring.”

A knocked happen from the entrance of where Tealove came from, a young man stood there, waiting for the girls to look his way before speaking.

“Tealove, would you bring Kizmit up front; there are some people who want to see her.” He said, soon moving out the way as Tealove did what she was told, once Tealove was gone, he looked to Fluttershy, with a smile, before saying. “I think you have worked hard enough, Fluttershy, why don’t you head home for the day, I made some calls, and we’ll be fine. Why don’t you go home now?”

“Are you sure, Lucky Clover? I can stay a while longer . . . the birdcages need cleaning, another shipping of animal food just came in last night, and there is the entire donation event that is still going on. I can’t leave.”

“Which I have all covered for when you leave, calm down. Fluttershy, since the end of summer, you haven’t been doing anything else but coming to work, doing school work here or elsewhere, and going straight home from one or the other. This pattern isn’t healthy; I wouldn’t be saying anything now, until one of your friends spoke with me that you have been distressing for awhile and wondering how you were.”

“It’s just my classes is all; I might have . . . bitten off more than I can chew. That’s it.”

“Which only adds more of a point for you to go home and take it easy; everything is taken care of here.”

“But, what about . . .”

“Fluttershy go home, rest, the new school has only just started for you, take rest while you can.” He told her, ushering her now out the back, only lightly pushing. Speaking again, as he did, amused by the flutter face she was making. “Not another word, out you goes; you laid off until things have reassured down for you.”

“But . . .”

“March, now, go home, I’ll see you after two weeks, get.” He orders with a grin, pointing way of where her home was likely at.

Later on that day, hour or two of walking the streets aimlessly, Fluttershy not wanting to go home to rest, lacking any homework to do, even extra credit was done. She had nothing else, there was maybe meeting up with one of her friends, that didn’t nark on her to her boss, though in likeliness of it, that chances of any of them, raised the question more.

“It was likely Rainbow Dash or Sunset Shimmer.” Fluttershy muttered to herself, carrying on with her walking, minding herself from others, she passed by, letting her mind go elsewhere. For the better of it any, in seeing, there wasn’t nothing else to do.

Finally though, she ended up a place she was familiar with, and walked into the cake shop. The owners working away on orders to fill, as there was some of long line, deicing not to order anything and wait in line, just took a seat off away, leaving herself, just to think, as of now, it was only thing that meant up her pattern, as her boss called it.

“I don’t have a pattern . . . I-I think.” Fluttershy tried to tell herself, in reassuring really, but let a heavy sad sigh leave her person, trying and hopefully upon finding a new topic.

Already coming to terms that Night Stripe won’t say anything of what he saw, remembering his frighten face, so clearly, before he ran off to who knows where. Not that she could blame him; she would have done the same if the roles were switched. Chances of seeing him, and hoping to explain everything, it was the least she could do, but for the past two months, she hadn’t seen him anywhere.

I-I d-d-didn’t m-mean to . . .”

Chatting with Parasol about this, she as well had no idea, from what she said, he changed classes at the last second, and Parasol hadn’t seen him around the school. Remembering all the places that Night Stripe would likely be, in hiding when at school, and all places came up empty.

If you do see him, tell him he’s got a meeting with my temper. All five fingers of them got it.”

You wouldn’t really hurt him, would you?”

No, but it makes him listen better. I wouldn’t do it, if his mother didn’t think he needed a head bopping wake up call. So it’s all fine. Besides, it’s just a love tap, no matter of how others see it.”

Right . . .”

Also now that librarian Chelsea Porcelain was back from the hospital, Night Stripe had little reason to be there. There was little choice in asking the head of the school of where he can be, seeing that all student files were off limits, unless for problems and parents on a need-to-know matter.

School rules, Fluttershy, please understand that.”

Yes, sorry to have been bothering you.”

No harm, have a good year.”

I will . . . bye.”

Fluttershy noticed well, in taking the hint that if he didn’t want to see her, she make clear that would keep to his unsaid word, and stay away. Yet, she couldn’t, her too kind of heart was worrying for wellbeing, recalling to his notebook he let her read, even correct errors, and see the world as he did. Night Stripe let her in his world, and in return, didn’t even try to do same in the gesture of doing so, because of that; she lost a friend to could have been.

“Fluttershy, well hello there, how are you?”

She shot up from her laying on her arms, resting her head before now looking up to see Hazy Current, holding a small cake box in hand. While having stroller tugged along, little fussy sounds coming from it, Fluttershy smiling when the stroller moved closer to the table, having Hazy take an open seat back Fluttershy.

“I have been good, Mrs. Hazy, how has things been going for you?”

“Tired really, I just got these two all settle for a little walk. Jaded is off away at work again, though a little closer to home now, but busy still.”

“And Night Stripe, how has he been?” Fluttershy asked, looking to the stroller, wiggling her fingers in front the sleepy but bouncy twins in hello, the navy skin one wiggled her fist at her, make a snicker echoed from her lips.

“He’s been good, not working full-time at his job; his grades are fine, though he doesn’t leave his room that much anymore.”

“Why?” Fluttershy asked, turning to Hazy, questioning and worry in her eyes.

“Oh he’s mostly grounded, by yours truly here, as he took a little trip without tell me or his father some time back.” Hazy said in good matter, smiling on her face, looking to her twins, doing the same hand motion Fluttershy did, making her son squeal when see the hand, wanting it.

“You don’t sound that worried of what he did, Mrs. Hazy?”

“He does it every year, for the past six year now really thinking about, oh my, and it only worries me for how long he’s gone. Though telling him not to do it, would only do harm than good. He’s has the right to do this.”

“Do the trips make him feel better?”

“In a way, I hope they do, though he’s never told me what he does on the trips, but he does have a better mood now and then.”

“I guess that’s all that matters, huh?”

Hazy gave a nod, leaning in to give kisses to her twins, before looking fully at Fluttershy, grabbing the cake box, and pulling it closer to her person, a light smile in place.

“Fluttershy, would you like to come over?”

A rose eyebrow was her reply back.

“During his trip, he missed out on his birthday. And things have finally calmed down at the house, so we’re having it today. I was going to call Parasol to come over, but Night Stripe doesn’t want to see her at the moment, and she’s helping her father today anyway. Are you free?”

Fluttershy didn’t miss the pleading soft tone in Hazy’s voice.

“Sure, I would love to come over.”

Hazy’s eyes just lit up at the words, all but leaping out of her seat, cake box in one hand, the other ushering Fluttershy to stand, soon grasping the stroller, and leaving the busy cake shop in a rapid move.

“Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Fluttershy, you have no idea what this means to me or Jaded for that matter. Thank you.” Hazy rambled on, as they took their way down the street away from the cake shop, soon getting on a bus that was going close to where Hazy lived.

It wasn’t long before they reached a nice community, calm homes that rowed down the street, after leaving the bus stop, and heading for the eighth house.

“Home, sweet home, Night Stripe, come set the table, I brought cake!” Hazy gave a shout with glee, calling out to Night Stripe she was home, hush while inviting Fluttershy in and telling her to make herself at home.

Upon hearing the footsteps soon, short stop in pausing rather quickly, when seeing Fluttershy, the shock wasn’t that hard to miss.

“Hi Night Stripe, how have you been?”

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