Self Think

Seeing how those words linger on your lips,
somehow never able to really say what could have been,
though how else where would it lead when it wasn’t true,
don’t believe in the old ghost in you,
as that wasn’t just meant for you in mean ends as it comes,
make it clear from here on out because what happen,
it did and the wine stains on the grounds are the hints,
my dear,
you were so fucking stupid,
you really were on how it could have been,
but no,
you had to follow a path that lead to a cliff,
and for what,
my dear what was worth at the end of it all,
what could have made some a troubled punk in the make,
you are made of marble in the finest of ways,
yet your lip words beyond belief that wasn’t worth saving,
even from how those lush lips turn blue,
making a sign or care to save you and we could fade into the night,
to hold onto that magic we held so tender between,
watching it set firm in years to come,
but no,
you had to get greedy and take it all away,
and for what in the end,
leaving you where you lie now,
is the better choice than to help,
looking to the scars now on a once fair body like yours,
there is no point to lay it out as is,
our world is gone and for what,
for a life you would never get but because you wanted to break,
what was it again,
break the norm what is set for most,
it hurts I know,
but damn it,
they are there for a reason,
to like them or not is how we take it,
but for it to end like this shouldn’t be an outcome,
but to say to stay a dream would be an dumb thing to do,
but I can say it out to be brave and hopefully,
it wouldn’t be right but hey,
living is better than dying,
don’t you think so my dear with my bullet to your heart,
I sure fucking hope so,
because life doesn’t reset as some would think,
if you come back in another life and forget all this,
it means you didn’t learn a damn thing,
and that is another damn shame,
if another bullet was given,
I would use it too,
just to slap your even dumber self,
out of worry and care,
and I fucking wish you saw it too,
but you never did,
you never fucking did!




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