Same Worries

There wasn’t a moment that could have been right,
in the ends it was just meant to be a job,
getting things over with and fading away into the night,
but no,
that’s now how it got to be that one time,
meeting someone so child passion,
helpless in ways and remaining full with no cracks,
it just confuses me dearly,
yet I don’t have the heart to leave them be,
in a moment where they felt so corner,
I had to play hero that one time,
all for what I couldn’t be sure,
in the end it just didn’t matter anymore,
it may have been foolish to step out of line,
to form a good deed that wasn’t a given order,
but that face,
a long ago past peaked in and willed forth,
injected like a thick poison that burnt,
for there to be any peace,
a support was needed in the end,
where it leads to next is anyone guess,
but that one act turn everything around,
though to set my guard down would be foolish,
a kind doesn’t make the world good,
maybe to some,
to have that feel for warm tomorrow,
isn’t for everyone to have,
that throb pain right there tells enough,
and even after everything is said and done,
will that mean goodbye,
the world can be cruel and unkind,
depending on those that live in it,
that have their own agenda,
even if they never say it aloud,
so my own agenda,
I’ll keep it fair for now,
until that deed is fulfill,
just giving that one person enough hope,
or at least edged them out enough,
that in case of repeats,
close calls will be the least of worries,
small steps given,
as that’s all this world bothered,
to give me,
so in return I’ll do the same,
but I ain’t going to be an ass about it,
or you know,
try to be.




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