Said Problems

Children are a fragile bunch,
always hiding away from when things get back,
the moment the cold howls of night hit them,
rush to the blanket cove and hide away,
singing a song of old their elder love would do,
when they were scared,
but that is never the case is now,
for it doesn’t take much for a seed of doubt,
to be placed in their minds,
to make them feel useless and a problem,
doesn’t take much in the harsh words said,
in the means to be the perfect watcher to them,
not in close in the lies given now,
boys will be boys,
and let the girls play with their dolls,
what a sham of parenting this fucking is,
well fucking congrats on the mental scars you gave them,
your vine whips are just so strong now,
aren’t they,
that you are willing to pussyfoot around actual problems,
than dealing with the problem yourself of what could be wrong,
that’s not the case with the youth now,
is it,
for how quickly one is to jump down another’s throat,
because they were fucking at fault,
why don’t you take that stroll down sensibility,
because damn,
you are lacking so much in care right now,
when you think the world is out to destroy,
yet those shelter minds alone are heartbreaking,
when real life comes after them,
have some common sense right now here,
your reason is like a flavor season to food,
it’s an option at this point,
and the woes there will be in life,
because you can’t be mature yourself in taking responsibilities,
for you either know it and abuse it,
or the worst yet,
don’t fucking bother on something you should love.




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