Oneself Rules

Where is one going,
when there is no path to see,
yet here one would stand on finding a way to go,
not a way out or bind to the rules,
more as on surviving brim lies near eye,
no god is given any sight here to help,
alone all by one to oneself,
there is something else in given there,
by far there is no here,
on the space between of where it goes,
so by that it is there,
while also not being there,
crazy with all senses ready to work,
like everything is normal,
but in that notion there,
was it ever meant to be like that?




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  1. les
    les says:

    Hi T-kun. Many times in life, one finds oneself aimless and stalled. Where to go? What to do? It’s all overwhelming and frustrating. The sad truth is, nobody is going to tell you where you’re supposed to be. It’s up to you to determine where you want to be and to figure out how to get there. That puts you in charge of your life. It’s a tough responsibility that many are more than happy to cede to whomever they choose to depend on or be dominated by. I believe you’re at that point where you’d rather take control than allow your fate to be in the hands of others…many of whom have let you down when you needed them the most. You are stronger than you know, my friend. You can do it. Peace.

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