Normal Love

I remember once of someone asking of how my parents could ever fall out of love,
well to be honest I couldn’t be all that sure as I was young when they split,
the ill that is between is deep and tangled in a lot of lives to get it fix,
just so they could never be near each other ever again for as they lived.

From whatever can be recalled is their issues to solved and in a way it did,
I just got used to having one main parent and family lines to be there for me.

It might not be the ideal nuclear family to grow in but it was a wonderful effort,
though given of how other families are there in the world stretch farther than normal,
and right now of that idea in mind of how families can be made.

I like it a whole lot more than the standers of what being happy of those around you,
have change so much and I get that most won’t get it as they do have that ideal life,
and good for them all the way and hope for the best on their lives ahead when it comes,
and good for those finding happiness with people or even alone of their own ideals.

Oh believe in knowing that certain ideals will be question and some will be just taboo.

Take that as a grain of salt of how that works out for others and you in the end,
a sign of happiness in ideals are in lines of taboo and as it goes to the end of life,
who you end up loving and caring for is a question you dare ask yourself if worth it,
because sometimes in matter of my parents made it clear in their ways of family.

And the ending for how that turned out couldn’t have been more of the best.

So just like is now asking if you can find that in you and others despite difference,
and if can’t be ready to fight in the end of winning and losing battles outside.

That as we know as the comfort zone of peace and our fairytale happily after.




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