Mercy Mindset

By the hand of mercy,
your meaning is forever question,
don’t feel as if it is just you,
everyone is going against each other,
question themselves already,
wondering why someone so low or high status,
would dare step in a place they have no right in,
it is their questioning of wondering,
waning in thoughts,
that no matter what,
they have a reason to be there,
even if by a large force pushes them out,
don’t think for a moment,
that you are alone in this,
look at the numbers,
we are only alone if choose so,
lonely on an island forever in peace,
but with that mindset,
more questions come,
for in thinking now,
when it right to be the one and only,
and be that for the people of many,
while also guiding others to do the same,
yet have no problem burying others,
when is it the right time,
when you are a human and monster,
whenever is it the right time?




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