T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III

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I am a wordsmith of many things and a bit unusual . . . take that for how you will. But T-kun is fine too. Here is a look-in of what I do: Free Write series (Ongoing), Paint a Picture series (Ongoing), Gifts (Eh, We'll Have to Wait and See), Thy One Fear Is series (Ongoing), Inner Beast Poem series (Ongoing), Ramdons (Mostly Out of the Blue Poems (Ongoing)), Randoms (Mostly Non-Poem Blogs of Lists/Topics/Swaps/Ideas (Uncertain but Ongoing)), Co-Writer of The Park Slope Saga; Future Paths of Many Issues and Hilltop's Short Tales Issues (Slightly On Pause, Ongoing), Magnetic Poem mini series (Finished), This Is My Color mini series (Finished), By The Power Of Thee Volumes (WIP, Ongoing), On and Off Co-Collabotor (Blogger Style; always open. Trying and Mostly Failing to Partake in Videos (Working on it!)), Side Stories (Whenever and Ongoing), Dabbles of Fan Fiction (Whenever and Ongoing), Comic Page Works (Ongoing), and Comic Bargain Bin Reviews series (Ongoing)