Manic Expression’s Expressionist of the Year: T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III

Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here with my good friend, James, to usher in the 6th year of Manic Expression with this year’s Expressionist of the Year award.


LES: So, James. We’re up to the 3rd choice for this prestigious award that celebrates that one member who, through their participation both in front of and behind the scenes, really brings something special to Manic Expression. I think there can be no doubt about it. There’s one member who’s really gone out of their way to be a source of inspiration through sheer work posted and consistent support of everyone else on the site. You know who I’m referring to, right, James?


JDW: Me?


LES: Um….no…NOT THAT YOU WOULDN’T DESERVE IT…but we’re giving it to one of our most prolific posters who’s tireless efforts insure almost everyone who posts has at least one reader/watcher who gives them constructive, positive feedback. NOW do you know who I’m referring to?


JDW: …Jesus?

No, I’m kidding, of course I know who you’re talking about. Over the last couple years there is only one Expressionist who can always be counted on to give you a pat on the back, whether you posted a game review, a short story, or a political rant. Lets all hear it for T-Kun.


LES: Yes, T-kun Unusual Wordsmith III is a tremendous asset here at Manic Expression. When I first started advocating positive support and participation 6 years ago, I wanted to make every new and returning member feel welcome and appreciated by reading/watching their posts and leaving the kinds of comments that validate and elevate the feelings of the posters. Over the years, life started intervening and my participation and effective impact towards this lessened more and more…and then T-kun hit the site. O…M…G! Not only did she do what I did for other members, she did it 3 times better and more consistently than I did when I was at my best.


JDW: There was you, there was BigBlackHatMan, who posted comments on just about everything, Moviefan did a helluva job commenting on just about everything, but you’re right, we all get busy or we forget or whatever. T-kun, on the other hand, is so committed to this community that sometimes I feel like I’m writing a blog just for her, because I know that even if no one else looks at it, no one else comments, I will hear from her.


LES: And then there’s her proclivity to post something awesome every damn day! A poem, opinion piece, review, short story….you name it, T-kun has something to say and always gives us something to enjoy. There’s no mystery as to why she has the highest Reputation points on the site(twice the amount I have and I’m in 2nd place there….) She is the undisputed champion of participation here. She is, simply, inspired….and inspirational.


JDW: I remember when I used to do Stop the Hate five days a week for, what, a year or so? I eventually found that unsustainable. Not T-Kun. That’s why I asked her to provide the opening poems for my Manic Expression: A Collection books. I knew if I said, ”These are what I’m looking for” she would knock something out of the park, and she did.

Choosing Expressionist of the Year this time was tough. I had a list of people I came to you with, and I couldn’t decide who was most deserving. It didn’t take much convincing on your part to bring T-Kun up to top. Right now she is the person most helping keep this site afloat. She is far and away our #1 content contributor, and if you see you got a content you know who its from before even clicking on it. She gets the conversations started, and thats why we love her.


LES: Not only that. She is also very active as a collaborator on projects and crossovers. I’ve been very fortunate to do 7 or 8 of my favorite top 24 lists collaboration blogs with her. It’s always exciting to write with a professional and also one who has such a great knowledge of all things ”geek.” When T-kun says ”yes” to a collaboration, I know I’m going to have fun writing it with her.


JDW: Let us not forget that T-Kun herself had a rough 2017. The struggles that she and her family endured would have been reason enough for her to walk away from the site. Lord knows many others have done so for far lesser reasons. Yet the poems kept coming, the comments kept coming. So long as she was able to be here she was, and even when her own poems would get no comments, she never failed to comment on everyone else’s work. That is a level of giving we should all aspire to, as Expressionists.


LES: Amen to that, my friend. And so, Manic Fans. Join James and I as we raise our glasses and drink a toast to T-kun for becoming our 3rd Expressionist of the Year. T-kun, may you continue to be the anchor that grounds the site to its original mission statement-to be a safe zone for members to express themselves freely without fear of being judged or persecuted, and to be an area of acceptance and support for each other. You have excelled and continue to set the standard for what we strive to stand for, my friend. Thank you for all you do and congratulations. And if anyone else would like to add to this, feel free in the comments section. Peace.


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  1. richb
    richb says:

    Congrats! Sorry I couldn’t get into the video, I do appreciate you always have something nice to say on pretty much everything I submit. If you don’t comment I get worried 🙂 I wish I could collab with you but poetry may as well be Latin to me, just don’t you amazing and talented knack for it.

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  2. toongrin
    toongrin says:

    I know everyone here at Manic-Expression appreciate the time and devotion you put into supporting us and I’m glad to see we have this now to show we support and love you for everything you do for us. Thank you T-kun ^_^

  3. t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    I’m shaking, crying, and just really happy. I couldn’t have found a better site to be a second home then right here, with you wonderful and entertaining people. Promise to keep being awesome, I will be sure to shoulder out just as much. It has been some fun years here despite so much going on, always nice to relax here and just . . . express like a maniac. I think that’s close enough to the site’s title that is Manic Expression. Thank you. Nothing else to say but thank you.

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