Letters to Celestia: Equestria Girls Summertime Shorts (1-4)

While in the midst of the season seven hiatus and anticipation of the MLP Movie, Hasbro decided to release more Equestria Girls shorts for the fans intermittently in between movies aired on TV (at this point, it’s pretty much guaranteed to become a series of its own).


One thing you will notice in these shorts is that the animation style is slightly different. It turns out that a vast majority of these shorts were produced by an Irish animation studio named Boulder Media Limited. While it does look accurate for the most part in all of them, there are a few slight things that are different and look odd (specifically a few repetitive animation sequences and how they use Sunset’s original outfit in post EqG 4 shorts. You could argue that she changed clothes, but no one else does anyway).

Another thing to mention, unlike some of the previous shorts, these are generally about a minute or so long each (aside from the songs). With that in mind, these reviews aren’t going to be very lengthy.


While preparing for the Fall Formal, Rarity decides to help Applejack improve her look with some make up. 

This short had a rather weak plot since it’s pretty obvious that it’ll end with Applejack removing it all anyway so it’s not very surprising how it pays off. If anything, this short is just to pointlessly tease this shipping (…again).

One thing that’s very noticeable is that three of the four shorts take place within the first movie. Since they are all going to the Fall Formal, Sunset isn’t around and they’re spending time with Pony Twilight, it’s obvious that they made these to expand it a bit further and it was a bit of a surprise to see them go back and revisit the start of the EqG franchise.

Overall, this was a pretty weak short. It was very predictable and ended up being rather boring. It’s probably going to be one of the weaker shorts.

At the Fall Formal, Photo Finish can’t seem to get the right photos she wants, so the Mane Six try to help her with achieving it.

By helping Photo Finish, the girls pretty much go around goofing off and doing various different photos and all six of them do minor recreations of previous episodes of the series. One of the being the MMMystery on the Friendship Express with Pinkie and Twilight and the other being Sonic Rainboom with all the other girls.  In the end, it’s apparently what Photo Finish wanted since she was happy with the results and just leaves the dance afterwards.

Overall, it was just an Okay short. It was mainly just them goofing around and taking pictures. There’s not much else to this one.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash dance off against each other at the Fall Formal with Scootaloo and Apple Bloom…and that’s it.

While Make Up Shake Up’s premise may have been simple, this short definitely had the weakest plot out of them all. All they do is dance against each other and Scootaloo and Apple Bloom get a trophy.

Having mentioned that these were done by a different animation company, it’s highly noticeable in this short since everyone in the background has the same repeating movements while the two of them dance. Not to mention some of the character models looked a bit off at times.


Overall, this was a weak short as well. Considering that it’s just them dancing and nothing else, you are going to find much to be engaged by with this one.

Fluttershy joins Pinkie Pie as she goes around Canterlot High trying to spread school spirit for different events taking place.

You’d think with the short being Fluttershy being a cheerleader with Pinkie, it would be about her overcoming her shyness, but that doesn’t really happen in this one. Instead she silently cheers people one with a megaphone. So, don’t expect too much from this one (or any of them really).

With Pinkie, it’s just her being her normal self as cheers on multiple things going on around school (mainly a soccer/football match, a chess game, and the Pony-tones practicing).


Overall, this was another Okay short. It had a few things to entertain the audience, but there’s not much else to it.


Well, so far shorts have been a bit of a bore but there are some more coming shortly afterwards. Hopefully, they’ll be an improvement over these ones.


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