Letters to Celestia: 10 Cancelled Ideas For LtC

One problem that always comes up for any project is having to scrap some ideas for said work. Whether it be for Time, lack of inspiration, or just not wanting to do it, it’s a problem for everybody. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few ideas that I wanted to do for this series, but didn’t end up happening.


MLP Youtube Poop Showcase


How exactly can you describe a Youtube Poop? I’m not too sure. While I tried to come up with something for this topic, I simply couldn’t properly explain these type of videos and how they are used with the show. It would have been a confusing experience.


Friendship Games Review


While I did look at the other films in this series, I was planning on doing a crossover for this movie when it came out a while ago. Unfortunately, it fell apart and I never got around to completing it. I may come back to this and try to do it, crossover or otherwise.


Thoughts on Season 5 & 6 Finale


Unfortunately, the recent Season 5 & 6 Finales haven’t exactly been episodes that I’ve enjoyed. With that in mind, if I were do a written review of either of them, it would mostly be just me ranting on and on about how I despise Starlight and I think that would have been a boring read.


Speaking of not liking certain characters…


Why I Don’t Like Starlight Glimmer & Rainbow Dash


Since I don’t like either one of them, it would just be me going on another rant for less than a Thousand words. So, I decided to can the project entirely.


Thoughts on Shipping


Personally, I think Shipping is a strange idea. While I do have some pairing that I would like to see canonized, the whole concept is still a bit weird to me. I was going to have this be a mutli-person project where we would all discuss certain pairings and some of the ideas behind it, but it fell through shortly it got started since I was having difficulty trying to figure out how to go out discussing Shipping.


…If you’re curious though, my favorite pairing for the show is Rarity & Twilight.


Favorite Villains List


While I do enjoy most of the villains that have appeared on the show, I wasn’t too sure how I would rank them. Add in the fact that a majority of them have been redeemed over the course of the show, I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out in the end.


Double Rainboom


While I still haven’t seen the video yet, I did think about taking a look at the video a while ago. Throughout the years though, I just lost interest in the idea and I decided to forget about it.


My Little Pony Tales (Generation 2)


While I have looked at all but this Generation of the show, I didn’t really want to do this post considering my lack of interest. While the others are Bad or Dull, I found this was just a mediocre show and I wasn’t too sure how I’d talk about it as from just saying “It’s Boring” over and over.


Favorite Bronies List


While I do enjoy meeting and talking to plenty of them when I go to conventions, there’s actually only a few that I do consistently watch often (two of them being the duo pictured of ACRacebest and Saberspark). I do watch a lot of videos of some others to see what some are like but that’s really about it and I don’t really end up following them (one of them oddly being Analysts for the show). So, it would have been a short list in the end.


Favorite MLP OC’s List


While I have some OCs out there that are pretty fun, I couldn’t actually come up with a full list for it. much like my Bronies list, I mostly only enjoy less than Five and it would have ended up being too short for a full list.

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    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    Ashamed for what is likely not to come, sounded like two of them would have been great to see at least. Pretty awesome that you came up with so much, shame not to see it coming. But who knows of what else could come with this is being canned. Thanks for the heads up.

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