Les’ Science Fiction Vehicles/Spacecraft Hall of Fame #16: The Incom T-65 X-Wing Fighter

Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to continue my Science Fiction Vehicles/Spacecraft Hall of fame. One of the great things about science fiction is the fantastic ways they show how to get from point A to point B, whether it’s across town or across the Galaxy. I will induct a new craft at a time, give its origins, abilities, first appearances and why I think it’s amazing.


Today, I’m selecting:


The Incom T-65 X-Wing Fighter(“Star Wars”(1977))

Ship Origin

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away the Galactic Empire was terrorizing the free citizenry and an active Rebellion was opposing it.  The Incom coorporation supported the Rebel Alliance and supplied them with their latest advanced fighter craft:  The T-65 X-Wing Fighter.


Ship Abilities

The Incom T-65 X-Wing Fighter is a one man snub fighter craft.  With 4 engines 4 laser cannons and 2 proton torpedo launchers, the X-Wing can inflict a lot of damage very quickly.  The craft has 2 flight mode wing s-foil positions:  cruise and attack.  When in attack mode, the wings split into an X-hence the name X-Wing.  The ship operates at sublight speed, but is capable of light speed from hyperdrive.  The ship incorporates an R2 unit for navigational computations for lightspeed and basic maintenence/repair during flight.


First Appearance

The X-Wing first appeared in the 1977 classic “Star Wars.”  In it, Princess Leia(Carrie Fisher) placed technical plans for the Empire’s ultimate weapon, The Death Star into astromech droid R2-D2 with instructions to get them to Clone War veteran Obi-Wan Kenobi(Sir Alec Guinness) on planet Tatooine when her ship was captured by Darth Vader(David Prowse).    The Droid came under possession of young Luke Skywalker(Mark Hamill) and eventually found Kenobi.  The group hired Corellian smuggler Han Solo(Harrison Ford) to take them to Planet Alderaan to get the plans to the Rebel Alliance.  However, the Death Star destroyed it before they got there and then captured their ship.  Using subterfuge and cleverness, they sneaked aboard the battle station, found and rescued the princess and escaped to the Rebellion on secret base Yavin IV.  Unfortunately, the Empire placed a homing beacon on the ship and followed them.  R2 gave the plans and an analysis showed a weakness in the battle station:  A small 2 meter wide thermal exhaust port at the end of a trench run.  A direct shot would destroy the station.  In the final battle, 2 squadrons flew:  Red Squadrons(X-Wings) and Gold Squadron(Y-Wings).  Luke flew as Red 5 and fired the shot that destroyed the station.


Why I think it’s amazing

Being the hero’s ship in “Star Wars” and how cool it was in battle are pretty much the reason.  The sound effects as it flew, fired its weapons and opened its wings were awesome(Thanks to legendary sound effects engineer Ben Burtt).  I loved the way it zipped and soared in flight.


Did you see this film?  Did you like this ship?  I’d love to hear your opinions, my friends.  Peace.

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      les says:

      Hi RichB. Yeah, I had one of their die-cast models of it, and I built the AMT model kit 2 or 3 times growing up, as well. It’s just such a perfect science fiction fighter craft. Thanks for commenting, my friend. Peace.

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