Les’ Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame #41: Lieutenant Commander Bortus

Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to continue my Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame. As before, I will induct a different alien from film or a television show that made an impression with me. Let’s face it, half the fun of great science fiction is the wonderful characters who came from other worlds. For each alien, I’ll give a detailed bio about their species, who portrayed them, first appearances and abilities and why I think they’re amazing.


Today, I’m selecting:


Lieutenant Commander Bortus(Peter Macon”The Orville”)

Species Origin

Bortus is a Moclan from the planet Moclus.


Species Abilities

Mocluns are bipedal beings with stylish head ridges and patterns of spots that run the length of their bodies.  They are physically strong and are omnivorous(see “can literally eat anything”).  The Moclun species are born primarily male with societal pressure to convert any of the rare female births into males.  They reproduce by laying eggs to nest on for 21 days.  They only urinate once a year.  Their chief export is weapons designs.


Actor Portrayal

Lieutenant Commander Bortus is portrayed by actor Peter Macon.  He imbued Bortus with an intimidating presence that was, nonetheless dignified and stoic.


First Appearance

Lieutenant Commander Bortus first appeared in the pilot episode of “The Orville,” “Old Wounds” on 9/9/2017.  In it, he was second in command of the Planetary Union Starship USS Orville when she took on a new captain, Ed Mercer(Seth McFarlane).  On a routine supply run to Epsilon II, the crew find themselves between a scientific breakthrough that is a potential weapon and the warlike aliens, the Krill.  With the Captain and first officer stuck on the planet engaged by Krill soldiers, Bortus had to take the ship into battle.


Why I think he’s amazing

If you crossed Mr. Spock with Mr. Worf and Ka D’argo(Farscape), you’d come close to getting bortus’ personality-and it’s a really layered performance that’s fun to watch.  You think he’d be quick to fight, yet he keeps a cool head.  He’s loud and fierce, but also delicate and deep hearted.  Seriously…I’ve only see him in 9 episodes so far, and he’s already earned his place in the Hall of Fame.


Did you see this show?  Do you like this character?  I’d love to hear your opinions, my friends.  Peace.


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    • les
      les says:

      Hi James. Actually, I’m not sure if Bortus has ever laughed on the show. Even Captain Mercer has given up trying jokes around him. I sure do want to hear the joke he’d find funny, though LOL! Yeah, Bortus is all kinds of awesome. Thanks for commenting, my friend. Peace.

    • les
      les says:

      Hi T-kun. I have a feeling Bortus is going to make a bigger impact as the show progresses. I, for one, am very glad to see a show that feels like the “Star Trek” we loved from the ’90s that the current official “Star Trek” show is absolutely failing to deliver-an optimistic view of the future where we ended war and poverty by working together and got together with a lot of cool alien worlds for peaceful exploration and mutual protection. I want to live in that world. I also like the fact that I don’t have to pay an access fee to watch the superior “Trek” show(even if it isn’t officially “Star Trek”). Thanks for commenting, my friend. Peace.

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