Les’ Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame #38: Odo

Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to continue my Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame. As before, I will induct a different alien from film or a television show that made an impression with me. Let’s face it, half the fun of great science fiction is the wonderful characters who came from other worlds. For each alien, I’ll give a detailed bio about their species, who portrayed them, first appearances and abilities and why I think they’re amazing.


Today, I’m selecting


Odo(Rene Auberjonois”Star Trek Deep Space Nine”(1993-1999)

Species Origin

In the 24th Century in the Gamma Quadrant, a race of changelings called the Founders, who existed in an ocean of combined bodies/consciousnesses, sent out 100 of their kind throughout the galaxy to explore and learn about other races.  One of them was discovered by the Bajorans adrift in the Denorius Belt in 2356.  He was put in a container and labeled “Unknown Sample.”  The Cardassian overlords gave him a name:  “Odo ‘ital” which translated to “nothing” in the Cardassian language.  Eventually it was shortened to simply “Odo.”  When it was discovered that he was sentient, Dr. Mora Pol(James Sloyan) worked with him to develop his shapeshifting skills(even to the point of using torturous methods to elicit responses).  Later on, Odo used his skills to become chief of security first for Cardassian Space Station “Terrok Nor” and then later for the Bajorans when they broke free of the Cardassian occupation and renamed the station “Deep Space Nine.”


Species Abilities

Founders were gelatinous beings able to form shapes and creatures at will.  True shape shifters, they could blend in in any group and impersonate anyone.  Odo is limited in this area as he couldn’t perfectly imitate a human form lacking the detail to form proper noses, ears, mouths and hair.  Every 12 hours Odo had to return to a liquid state to regenerate before becoming solid again.  Founders had the ability to merge forms together to share experiences and consciousnesses.


Actor Portrayal

Odo was portrayed by actor Rene Auberjonois.  He imbued Odo with a gruff demeanor that was no-nonsense and tough as he applied his sense of justice and order performing his job as the station security chief.  His sense of humor was strictly sarcasm.


First Appearance

Odo first appeared in the 1993 pilot episode of “Star Trek Deep Space Nine” “Emissary.”  In it, Starfleet was called in by the Bajorans to help administer space station Deep Space Nine in the wake of the Cardassian occupation.  Odo, as station security chief had to learn to work with the new station commander, Benjamin Sisko(Avery Brooks).  When a new stable wormhole was discovered a short time later by Sisko and science officer Jadzia Dax(Terry O’Farrell), the station has to move quick to claim it for Bajor before the Cardassians did.


Why I think he’s amazing

Odo is a great character for 3 reasons:  One:  the acting of Rene Auberjonois.  He’s fun as hell to watch as he maintains an air of official badass in charge of security while trying time and time again to foil his nemesis, Ferengi bartender Quark(Armin Shimmerman).  Two:  His character arc from not knowing who he was or where he came from to discovering his origins and having to come to terms with his people whose mission stands against his personal moral code.  Three:  The way he evolved emotionally to include romance in his life with co-worker Kira Nerys(Nana Vistor).  Bottom line, Odo brings something great to every episode he’s in.


Did you see this show?  Did you like this character?  I’d love to hear your opinions, my friends.  Peace.


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    • les
      les says:

      Hi alexthed. He’s really easy to like as a character. I was watching DS9 from the first televised episode and Odo and Quark both went to my #1 and #2 characters. Their rivalry is just so much fun to watch. Thanks for commenting, my friend. Peace.

  1. t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii
    t-kun-unusual-wordsmith-iii says:

    Huh, that was a neat pick to choose out of here. Awesome. Kind of has me wondering of something off topic though, know any that are based on rumored real life entitle aliens? Like the Atlans, Grails, Hu-brid, Nagas, or Teros to named off a few here. Just wondering is all. Odo’s character just brought up a lot of certain traits of certain space myths, and yeah just thought to put that out there. Overall, this was a fine read here, nicely done.

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