Les’ Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame #34: Ka D’Argo

Greetings, Manic Fans. Les here to continue my Science Fiction Aliens Hall of Fame. As before, I will induct a different alien from film or a television show that made an impression with me. Let’s face it, half the fun of great science fiction is the wonderful characters who came from other worlds. For each alien, I’ll give a detailed bio about their species, who portrayed them, first appearances and abilities and why I think they’re amazing.


Today, I’m selecting:


Ka D’Argo(Anthony Simcoe “Farscape”(1999-2003))


Ka D’Argo is a Luxan.  His homeworld is never named


Species Abilities

Luxans were large bipeds with distinguishing facial characteristics.  They had radical facial hair that grew beards that started nearly under their eyes.  They had a skin extension like a long beard growing from their chins with markings like tattoos.  Their noses were beak-like and dark in color.  Their eyebrows were large skin ridges that refracted into triangles and traveled all the way to their hairline where they became skin tails flowing down their heads.  Their jawlines also had tails growing back down their heads.  Additionally they had a large skin tail growing out the top of their heads to trail down their backs(Much like Tw’ileks).  They had long and fast striking tongues tipped with adaptive venom that shot out like a chameleon to render opponents unconscious.  They were a strong and cunning race of warriors.  They possessed spaceflight and advanced technological weaponry.  Ka D’Argo carried a stylized Luxan weapon called a Qualta Blade(A broadsword that could transform into a laser riffle).  If provoked too far, Luxans could enter a killing frenzy known as Hyper Rage.


Actor Portrayal

Ka D’Argo was portrayed by actor Anthony Simcoe.  He gave him a short temper and a predillection for paranoia that eventually mellowed out after spending time with his new crew(particularly Earthling John Crichton(Ben Browder).


First Appearance

Ka D’Argo first appeared in the pilot episode of “Farscape,” “Premiere/Through the eye of the needle.”  In it, he was a prisoner on a Peacekeeper Leviathan(Living Prison Ship) staging a revolt/breakout with several other prisoners.  Into the melee arrived Earth Astronaut, John Crichton as the result of an accidental wormhole jump that had him arrive, accidentally collide with a Peacekeeper ship, killing its pilot and landing on Moya to be there when the revolt succeeded.


Ka D’Argo had been falsely imprisoned for allegedly killing his wife in a fit of Luxan Hyper Rage.  He, Hynerian Dominar Rygel XVI(Jonathan Hardy), and Delvian Pa’u Zotah Zhaan(Virginia Hey) were all falsely imprisioned and made the new crew along with Crichton and a Peacekeeper named Aeryn Sun(Claudia Black) who was stripped of her rank for basically being in the wrong place at the wrong time and defying her commander who wanted to kill Crichton outright for killing his brother(even if it was a complete accident).  Ka D’Argo fought for his freedom and wanted to find his lost son, Jophee.


Why I think he’s amazing

A character, clearly designed to be the series equivalent of a Klingon from Star Trek, Anthony Simcoe managed to make this alien a unique character who had a herritage all his own.  Sure, he was big, intimidating and liked to fight….but he took to humor and philosophy after the influence of his friend, John Crichton rubbed off on him.  He was also a flawed character who knew he was flawed and worked to better himself as the series progressed.  In fights, he was a complete bad ass.


Did you see this show?  Did you like this character?  I’d love to hear your opinions, my friends.  Peace.



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