Jesus, Bro! (2017)

If you’ve been following The Cinema Snob, you’d know that Brad Jones has been reviewing Pure Flix movies for the past year or so. If you’ve been following Brad Jones in general, you’d know that he makes his own movies. For his latest movie, Jesus, Bro!, he decided to parody the Pure Flix movies.

And it was a very funny movie. I laughed a lot. Pretty much every minute, I was laughing.

It was also probably the best looking Channel Awesome movie. Let’s be honest, most Channel Awesome movies wear their low budget on their sleeve and look like shit but this one actually looks like it could be a professional movie. It actually looks like something that, oh, PureFlix could’ve made.

Speaking of that, what I also like about this movie is that you don’t have to watch PureFlix movies to like this movie and find it funny. I haven’t seen a single PureFlix movie but I still found it hilarious because, while they did make fun of their movies and the cliches found within them, they didn’t center their entire humor around finding references to PureFlix movies.

But what I really loved about this movie is how it isn’t written as black and white. Even though God is shown to actually exist in this movie, it never demonizes atheists. The movie’s messsage is basically, “it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in God, all that matters is that you’re a good person”. I especially love it because, from what I’ve heard, the Pureflix movies have basically been movies that try to make Christians feel like atheists are out to get them and try to teach it’s audience “you are EVIL if you don’t believe in God!” Therefore, it’s nice that the movie basically teaches a much better and more balanced message. It doesn’t go to the other extreme and says “you’re an idiot if you DO believe in God” but it doesn’t go to the Pureflix way either, the message basically says that it’s okay if you do or do not believe in God and that all that matters is what you’re like as a person.

Therefore, I recommend Jesus, Bro!, as it’s a pretty funny and nice looking movie with a good message, that’s way better than the message of the movies’ it parodies.

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  1. jim-bevan
    jim-bevan says:

    That’s one of the reasons why I like when Brad tackles these hokey religious propaganda films – he’s quick to point out the idiocy and bias evident in them, but he isn’t going to demonize any group himself, just make fun of the people spreading the dumb message. I definitely have to check it out.

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