Inner Beast: Crow

See this as a sign of creativity,
that is one was dare to mirror,
the results would never match in the irony of it all,
for it just takes a certain kind of energy,
to even reach that level of power kind,
sadly to say,
it doesn’t all mean good hearted words,
not much in all ends of it all,
for if there is ever something of a war for it,
it would be the word that is known as change,
have it known as something that can’t be helped,
a shape shifting,
twist play that has one like a villain,
for how history works a magic on oneself,
if the sham of lies tell anything later,
for it to be magical,
it’s a lie to paint one in the harsh way,
myth of those lies haunt forever more,
but to be strong is the key here now,
forming into a fine and powerful spiritual strength,
in ways that redeem those hardships,
to no one else but those that it matters for,
seek out for the higher perspective,
while tendering out the bless of inelegancy,
for how the aged old rumors may say,
facts play in this well,
leading to the next question here,
would the crow be your inner beast?

~Crow’s Meaning~

Magical, shape shifting, change, creativity, spiritual strength, inelegancy, energy, and higher perspective.




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