Inner Beast: Crab

There is quite something akin to this now,
something so small in size at times,
finds a way to be just unorthodox,
it’s funny in the weirdest way for it,
though the charm remains there so savvy,
calm as the oceans at times,
while lurking away of how a storm,
springs forth without warning,
the logic there moves sideways,
being out of the norm,
yet still keeps the titles earned,
they could be one of the most relaxed,
not letting everything bother them,
but a fighter they can be,
they just don’t find the need to gloat,
might be firm the words for them at moments,
to just wish them good luck,
taking things within the flow,
but knowing when to push against the whitecaps,
a vivid awry cycles,
keeping one of their toes,
so in saying to that,
could you say the crab is your inner beast?

~Crab’s Meaning~

Good luck, moves sideways, savvy, unorthodox, relaxed, and cycles.




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