Inner Beast: Armadillo

There is one thing that at times many people want and give,
in the matters of safety,
everything goes out the window at times,
on where most stand on being trusting,
not in saying that others would want to be neutral,
of life as given,
though more of that peaceful,
laidback in wonderment,
as strong boundaries,
just give that right push in surviving everything at once,
in means of being grounded,
though still sadly having that minor jerk,
simply known,
by means of sensitivity to attack,
being as that you want peace,
with no trouble on being reclusive,
to all though you know that is not the case here,
leading for the question now for you,
in asking,
is your inner beast the armadillo?

~Armadillo’s Meaning~

Safety, grounded, sensitivity to attack, strong boundaries, trusting, reclusive, neutral, and peaceful.




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