HELP: A Callout to Manic Expression Mods and Admin

The message is pretty simple,  I need help from fellow mod and admin as there is a spammer posting video links to Cars 3.  I’ve so far deleted a few of the posts as I’ve gotten it down from 40 to 25 but I don’t want to do this all by myself.  HELP.   Seriously,  we need to take better care of our forums and not treat them like the attic that no one goes into because if we do, stuff like this will keep happening.

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  1. les
    les says:

    The way to fix it is to use the “administer the member” function. For some reason, I’m having difficulty using my password to get to the second page of that function to finish eliminating the poster bot. I’ve messaged Fusionater about it. As soon as he gets me past the password, I’ll blitz the bot.

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