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1. What is Manic Expression?

Manic Expression is a site made specifically for content creators by content creators.

2. What is the purpose and goals of the site?

Our mission statement:

“We, the community of Manic Expression, strive to create a site that members feel welcome at.  We want them to never be afraid to post their articles, art, podcasts and videos to showcase their talents and their dreams.  We want them to experience the art of their fellow members and appreciate what each of us has to offer.  We want to have friendly support for our projects whenever possible, or civil disagreements when it’s not.  We want our members to not fear constructive criticism and to learn from each other to improve ourselves as content creators and as friends.

As such, we encourage self expression, but discourage trolls.  Personal attacks of a trollish nature(racial, sexual or patriotic slurs, or irrational name calling and put-downs) will not be tolerated.  We will do whatever we need to do to protect our members from it.”

3. How do I post my stuff?

After making an account you will see a black bar on the top of the screen that says “+ New”. Clicking on either that or ‘post’ should bring you into the drafter.

For blogs, simply type in or copy your text into the blog drafter with a title of your choosing. The category BLOGS is automatically selected if you choose nothing, so you only need to select some Basic categories found at the top, or any categories you want that are found under BLOGS.

For videos and podcasts, choose “Text” in the upper right portion of the drafter, this will shift your draft to an HTML compatible view, paste your embed code for your video or podcast widget player here. You then have to scroll down in the categories bar to get to either VIDEOS or PODCASTS, select which of the two you are doing, and then select your basic categories as well as any necessary categories found under your main category(VIDOES or PODCASTS)

4. What are categories?

Categories are what we use to help people sort out their work. For example a content creator may have an on-going series and wish for all their work to be filed under it. Ask one of the admins to create a category for you if you want to create an on-going series. If not, make sure you tick either the ‘blogs’, ‘videos’ or ‘podcast’ category so that your blog shows up in the right place on the front page, followed by the generic category that best suits your needs. Please remember to only pick generic categories or categories parented(They appear under) the category you want to post under(BLOGS, VIDEOS, or PODCASTS).

5. How often am I allowed to post?

You can post up to ONE blog and ONE video/Podcast per day. This is in place to be fair to other users, since it stops one person from filling the front page with only their work. We all agree that we won’t fill the home page with our work as long as no one else does the same.

6. How do I schedule my posts?

Posts can be scheduled in the same box you click for publishing. Simply click ‘edit’ next to the word ‘immediately’ and enter in the time and date you want your post to go up onto the front page. You’ll still be able to edit your pending posts, they just won’t be published until the correct time.

7. Help! My posts seemingly disappeared!

More often than not if your posts disappeared it’s because one of the admin edited them for scheduling reasons. As mentioned above, it’s one blog and video per day, and we reserve the right to edit when your content is posted to reflect that. Don’t be too alarmed though, since at most we’ll be pushing it on 24 hours.

8. What if I accidentally delete a post?

If you delete a blog simply go to the Trash folder and restore it. Fair warning though, the admins will be periodically cleaning up the Trash folder to stop it from getting too cluttered. Due to the nature of the site we can’t give a set time of when we’re deleting stuff, but we will be doing it roughly once a week.

9. Any prohibitions on content?

Only the standard stuff that you’d find on many other websites. No racist, sexist or otherwise offensive material is allowed. Trolling is also banned as well and will be dealt swiftly by the mods. Likewise no links to pornographic, illegal or otherwise questionable content. Finally spam will be deleted with extreme prejudice.

This is a site where you express yourself, not one where you sprout hatred or do stuff deemed undesirable. The admins reserve the right to remove any of your blogs or videos that are felt to be in bad taste. In the highly unlikely situation where this does happen we will tell the user why we deleted their content (except in the case of spam, since it’s spam).

Also only post stuff you own unless you have permission from the original content creator. This means don’t post blogs you’ve copied from someone else, nor posting videos that you didn’t create. If you have permission just say that you have it, that’s fine, but we don’t tolerate this sort of action. You would feel pretty annoyed if someone stole your content and posted it as their own, so it’s only fair you respect other people.

10. What is Outstanding Content of the Week and how do I enter?

Outstanding Content of the Week is a weekly contest held at Manic Expression. In the forums (link) we have a weekly forum topic dedicated to that week’s content. Read the rules and post a link to your content there.

Once nominations are closed a panel of judges review and rank the submissions before presenting it out in a weekly blog. The winner of Outstanding Blog of the Week and Outstanding Video of the Week get their work featured in the front page slider for that week.

If you wish to become one of the judges for Outstanding Content of the Week simply email any of the admins and they’ll be happy to direct you to the right place.

11. Who are the admins?

The Administrators of Manic Expression are the people who help to keep the site running and make it a better place to be.

James: One of the Co-Founders of Manic Expression and owner, he runs a series called James’ Corner where he looks at everything from politics to Ewoks.

Les: The second Co-Founder of Manic Expression and know “uncle” of the community, he makes his best efforts to support his fellow members and smacks down the trolls when need be.

Fusionater: The head of technical goings-on at Manic Expression and is generally the person who will be responding to any of the technical issues on the site.

Pretty Boy: A jack of all trades at Manic Expression who can explain most of the processes behind any sort of posting, he also designs the banners for Outstanding Content of the Week.

BigBlackHatMan: A lover of all Westerns and a great community member to boot, BigBlackHatMan is always on the look for newcomers posting work.

Moviefan12: A regular blogger who writes mostly about Disney material, he can help with any blogging questions one might have.

The Man With No Chin: He Moderates the forums and makes sure they maintain a healthy interaction.

12. Contact Us.

If you have any other questions or need to contact us you can do so at these addresses;

General questions/chitchat: Contact@manic-expression

Advertisement/Project Inquiries :

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Technical Problems/Springboard Video:

Above all else, welcome to Manic Expression and by all means Express Yourself