Expressionist of the Year-2017(Whyboy)-(A tribute video produced by Les)

Greetings, Manic Fans.  Les here to present the 2nd annual ”Expressionist of the Year” award for Manic Expression.  Last year, we gave the first award to Fusionater for all his incredible work behind the scenes keeping the site afloat and running well along with his great contributions as a poster in blogs and videos.  To say he left big shoes to fill would be an understatement.  However, I believe we’ve selected a winner who’s up to the task.  To do this, I’m going to bring James on, as it’s our tradition to give the award together….well, the tradition we started last year….


LES:  JAMES!  Say hello to all the nice people.


James: Hello nice people. So glad to be here with everyone to celebrate another Expressionist. And boy do we have one for you today. If there was a Mount Rushmore of Manic Expression, this dude would be on it.


LES:  LOL!  Unquestionably.  Many of you know

Taylor Wyatt(AKA Whyboy)

for his wonderful cartoon review videos, but he does so much more here at Manic Expression.


James: Taylor is the man who saves Manic Expression on a regular basis, as an editor for various projects, and as a designer for much of the art on the site. He designed the covers for my books, and has worked with many of you to create banners and other designs.


LES:  Absolutely.  In fact, while I was compiling the video clips for the tribute, I kept noticing how many members have had artwork done by Whyboy, as well as the many crossovers he participates in.  For myself, I always have enjoyed any project of his I’ve been involved in.  He’s just so much fun to work with.  He’s a great talent, a great scriptwriter, a great editor and a fantastic performer.


James: His videos are top quality. The fact that we have a performer of his caliber on the site is a big win for us. He really makes Manic Expression look good, and his devotion to the site is very touching to me, personally.


LES:  Agreed.  Whyboy brings something special to Manic Expression, and we’re damned lucky to have him here.


James: Taylor, aka Whyboy, is a vital member of this community. On our five year anniversary, lets celebrate a man who, without whom, I don’t think we would have lasted this long. Thank you, Taylor.


And here’s a whole lotta friends with something to say about the man of the hour…ahead for blogs…up above for videos/podcasts posting.


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  1. fusionater
    fusionater says:

    Manic Expression could never be how it is without Great people like Whyboy, not just for the content he creates, or how he helps out behind the scenes, but just for the general good nature he brings to the community, congrats man.:)

  2. toongrin
    toongrin says:

    Hi everyone this is Whyboy here and I really have to thank everyone on Manic Expression, the amazingly kind people who contributed to this tribute and James and Les. It has been an amazing time being a behind the scenes man/producer here on Manic Expression, working on so many different projects and collaborations and meeting so many of my good friends here. I’ve never been the most talkative extroverted type, I’ve always been content just doing what I can as the quiet introvert, so I do have a tendency like Fus says to be overly humble with myself and downplay accomplishments. But listening to this tribute really just warmed my heart to no end. Thank you. I hope to continue helping Manic Expression however I can and I hope for another 5 years of Manic Expression ^_^ Peace for now everyone

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