Every-Day Cries

Smile that one the wicked be you,
there is a chain that stops you,
though there is no ear to hear the cries,
they echo proudly through the night to come,
so here is how it is to come for now,
do as it comes at you,
and try as you might to be anything than just,
beyond one’s will is more than a title,
there is a crime masked in lies,
for that’s what it is,
and how it could come to a end,
is a glory that is given no start,
for that blinding lights hides it,
until it counts for something bigger,
for one small such as you,
with a loud voice that could beyond more,
than what credit is given,
you are far from a fool looking to the stars,
but you are not grounded enough to be an every-day,
there is more to you,
can you see it or even find it in you,
to be or to be it not?




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