Compassion Hours

Where was that little angel,
that guide that was near,
and with the kindest of words,
give a weight that wasn’t heavy,
though it would seem now after now,
how am I going to see anything but,
couldn’t control for the fact,
when one wanted to explore,
another would follow in those steps,
couldn’t say that wasn’t all wrong there,
like it could have been anything,
through the calmest mornings,
to the creepiest night hours,
there was more to give,
but there was just one morning,
that couldn’t have been saved by it,
didn’t matter for personal rights,
or how act of sex rocked the bed,
the moment something better came along,
someone was going to be sad in the end,
yet what does that say for me,
when it felt like that day was coming,
and just begging for it to hurry up,
was finally like a wish come true,
be that angel was a demon,
it made life risky in the best of ways,
but knowing it was coming to a close,
there is no true blame there,
things like true love,
and a happily ever after,
is a kid’s dream and should remain,
may it shape them for the better,
and be better in their unknown steps,
but to have it linger into these years,
won’t do much for them,
there is no pity or compassion,
but there is wonder of a kind here,
that once it comes around,
how will work for them later,
not one to pry,
but that is thought to give here,
you want a fine happiest,
and to never let it go,
but in later know of what they say,
that the best always come back,
could you believe that,
could you not and say fake,
keeps me wondering,
is the best joy there,
is one where it’s just for yourself,
or best when it goes to others,
what is the happiness,
when more than one is pulled into this,
what is called and is it worth it,
I could say yes,
but I have right to say no,
for I am not reining in your life,
best end result to give,
is the one that wasn’t planned,
or at least,
the one should have felt right,
not having a yes or no,
it just happen.




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